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I am a ZOMBIE ...

Ah, I have seen a process getting into ZOMBIE in UNIX, but for the past 10 days, I could see myself getting into a ZOMBIE state. I was almost squeezed to near death at work owing to some firefighting activity. I was slogging almost 18 hours a day and I felt as if the entire world left me stranded and it proceeded further. I did not read newspaper, I did not watch news channels, I did not browse any website (incl my blog). I felt cut from the day to day routine, all I was doing is just glued myself to my laptop in my performance lab ... My entire bio clock changed and it got terribly confused. Breakfast at 12 noon, lunch at 5 PM, snack at 9 PM and dinner at 2 AM was the routine for almost 10 days now. I am extremely impressed with my fitness and was surprised that I was brisk even at 4 AM in the morning when all the other folks were visibly dead. I even got a bunch of appreciation from my folks saying that I am damn active for my age :p. I just would get 3 to 4 hours a day to sleep and