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Kovam ...

He was trying to call her since morning just to ask her about the plans for NEWYEAR's eve, but she did not respond to his call till evening, he felt a bit worried, and he thought that yesterday's fight could be the prime reason for she not picking up his call. It was 5:00 in the evening and he has already got tickets for the movie "Billa" at Satyam theaters for the 6:30 show, he decided to call her once again and dialed his number this time he was lucky enough to get a response from the other end "The number you are trting to reach has been switched off, please try again later. He does not know what to do, so he decided to go directly to her office, it was 5:45 when he reached her office, he was a known face to most of her colleagues and at the reception he was greeted by Shyamala, Hey Senthil, wat a surprise, enna indha pakkam ? Supriya enga ?, this question from shyamala made him terribly confused, he does not know how to react to this question and at the same

Bye!! Bye!! 2007 ....

General 1. The year did not start well as expected, but was going on smooth. 2. Professionally no big improvements this year. 3. Personally also things did not change much. 4. Life continued in Bangalore with pain and thronging to come back to chennai ASAP 5. Got few new friends with whom i am comfortable with. 6. Health took a major set back with a ligament tear on the right knee, which almost paralysed me. 7. People at home started the hunt for my Miss. Perfect. 8. Salary hike was not that good 9. Started writing diary this year and hope to continue the same in 2008 10. One of my close buddy moved to UK with her hubby 11. Another close buddy moved out of blore and went back to chennai 12. Enjoyed my bachelor life in my own style - Blogging, reading, writing ofcourse sleeping. Pathetic Moments 1. The suffering i had due to ligament tear 2. Had a prolonged silence with one of my long time friend 3. Falling sick quite often due to severe cold and developed wheezing Happy Moments 1. The

3 Mobile Test Series - First Test Match

What else we can say other than one more pathetic indian display. The way in which the indian batsmen batted in both the innings proved once again that they are spineless when counter attacking a quality side like Australia. The only consolation was sachin's performance in the first innings but in the second innings he felt out of place and was struggling to get the nick. The wall colapsed once again and it looks like he is following the foot steps of how Ganguly was playing 3 years back, i think i could have played much better than dravid, its high time the wall reconstructs itself. I heard that Yuvraj and Dhoni mistook this to be a 20-20 and was trying to fire from the word go and unfortunately it back-fired for the team. I really dont mind INDIA losing this series to Australia but they should offer some resistance, this victory was literally gifted to Australia which is painful to a die-hard indian cricket fan like me. I hope we show some resistance in the next match. Scorecard:

Madras Tamil in IT Industry

Ah, thot of writing a new series called PITHUKULI, and i hope you all will enjoy this series. Here is my first try and please let me know your sincere comments. We all know that IT industry is a place for all educated people and english is considered to be the global language in this industry. Me hailing from the heart of chennai, i would love to see "Chennai Thamizh" being spoken at all s.w companies, so here is a small conversation between a Programmer and his Project Manager, in pure "Chennai Sen Thamizh". The situation is this ... Its appraisal time and Project manager is doing appraisal for his team member. ahhhh ... vaa kannu ... suresuu ... eppdi keera ? sokaa keerayaa ?? inaathuku unna itukunu vandhurukaango nu unikku message teriyumla ?? aahaann ... inaamo ... aapuraisalaa ... keepuraisalo ... ennamo oru ezhavu ... atha pathi kostin panna thaanae ittnadhukara ... kareeektaa putcha baa maatera nee ... seri ... nee immaa naalu inga kundhikinu inaatha kilicha

My Top 10 Movies ...

Ah, with this little experience of watching movies, i thot of rating the top ten movies which bothered me and gave me the pleasure of watching them. So here is that list, you readers tell me how many in this list actually matches your favourites. 10th: Saami - Vikram, Trisha - This movie has a very fast moving screenplay which does not make anyone feel bored. Highlight was Vikram's Acting 9th: Kaakha Kaakha - Surya, Jyothika - This movie is simply a Gautham's classic, every bit of the movie was thrilling and entertaining. Songs are this movies highlight 8th: Bhaashaa - Rajinikanth, Naghma - Hooo, a typical Rajinikanth movie and still is one of his all time best. Story line was simply ultimate, suits Super Star. 7th: Netrikan - Rajinikanth, Sarita - This movie is famous for Ranjini's anti hero role, it has an excellent story. Highlight was Balachander's direction 6th: Mouna Raagam - Mohan, Karthik, Revathi - The movie which proved that even mohan can act. Wonderful

Bold Benazir Bhutto is no more ...

With a very heart i write this blog. Just 2 hours back PAKISTAN has lost one of its eminent personalities, a great leader and a wonderful human being Benazir Bhutto. Its a shameful act by the Musharaf government by not giving enough protection to one of its great leader and led way to her assasination. Bhutto was shot 5 times using an AK-47 rifile and a suicide bomber blew himself off killing atleast 30 persons. Benazir succumbed to her injuries and died at around 6:16 PM pakistan time. I had a high respect for this great personality, i admired her character, strength and courage by which she fought the musharaf government. She came back to pakistan during the month of august 2007 after being in exile for over 9 years in the UK, she was determined to dethrone Musharaf in this coming general election and was sure of accquiring the term for the third time, but fate decided the other way and this wonderful soul was taken back by the almighty Allah. I sincerely pray for her soul to rest in

Tsunami ...

கடலை விட்டு ஓடி வந்த ஓடுகாலியே ஊருக்குள் நீயும் வந்தால் ஊரு காலியே This was one of the funny poem which was published in one of the leading tamil magazine when entire south india was hit by this water demon. Till 25th December 2004 no one knew the term called TSUNAMI, but on that fateful black sunday 26th December 2004, all of a sudden this word got famous for all the wrong reasons. It all happened in no time and got over in a flash, in just a matter of 7 to 10 minutes it swallowed thousands and thousands of human bodies across the asia pacific belt, the worst affected contries are Indonesia, Srilanka and India. This incident will always be a pain in everybody's heart who happened to witness this tragedy, my heart goes for all those who have lost their loved ones and pray to GOD for them to give courage and strength to face life and let time be the best medicine to heal such a deep wound.

Waiting for Love ...

That was a romantic evening, where the skies looked to be in their best attire, its actually impossible for me to say what that color was in the sky, but it looked absolutely gorgeous. I was waiting for her in our usual meeting place, i never knew that waiting is such a pain untill i was infected by this love bug, i was growing impatient as the time rolled on, when i was about to leave, there came my angel in an even more best attire than the sky. She asked me whether i was waiting for a long time, i just pretended as if i came just a few seconds before her, and there came a striking reply back to me saying - "Then why so many peanut cones lying under my feet?" I dont have an answer to that, well, i said looking straight into her eyes "I love you", she said she could not hear that properly as the sound of the waves are too noisy, i again said "I love you" still she could not hear me, then i screamed "I LOVE YOU", this time i made sure that it was

Charlie Chaplin's - 30th Death Anniversary

Charlie Chaplin was a comic, a rebel and a humanist. Those three little words are the keys to discovering the man who is still considered to be one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. They are also the keys to appreciating his unique ability to bring tears of laughter to our eyes one minute. And tears of understanding the next. The kind of impact this little genuis brought into my life is un-measurable. We both have many similarities on the personal front, which probably i cannot put it here, he still lives with me and guides me in all walks of my life. I wouldn't have met him in person, nor we both wouldn't have exchanged a word between us, but i LOVE him more than anyone in this world. Its so unfortunate that i was not here in this world when this genius was making the entire world laugh. I would want to lead a life as he did and i should die the way he died. He came into this world as a pauper and died as a millionaire and when he died, he gave away all his fortune

My Perfect Rainy Day ...

Well, rainy days are always wet in our minds. If something that always facinates me, it can only be RAIN. I enjoy RAIN when i am outdoors or indoors, both has its own variety of mood that settles inside me. If i am out in rain, i dont prefer hiding myself underneath an umbrella, i love to get drenched, I love to walk all alone as long as i have a path to walk, dont care about how far i am from home, its something more devine to me. I somewhat feel that, as we get old, we try to distance ourselves from nature's wonderful spectacle callled RAIN, why is it so ? RAIN is still the same, its pouring from heaven and kisses the earth all the time, but our views about RAIN has changed. When we were young, this the same mind which cried for going out and get wet in RAIN, dance as much as you can, splash water all over your body, roll on that wet ground, run like mad, design a lovely TITANIC and then make it sail on both sides or our street, for some poor designers like me, i used to simply t

Its New Year ... New Site ...!!!

Hi Folks, thanks a lot for all those who were encouraging me and supporting me in writing blogs. Its high time i decide on adding up somemore spice and richness to my blog, since blogger does not give us the freedom to modify the layout as per our wish, i have decided to go on with a seperate domain so that i can alter it to my wish. From now on all visitors for will be redirected my new website so please bookmark this new link for all my latest updates. Thanks once again for all your support and encouragement.

M S S ... A Fond Remembrance

M S Subbulakshmi, shortly accronymned as MS. I am not such a great follower of carnatic music, even though my grand fatehr is a famous musician who has been a GURU for well known singers like T R Mahalingam, Maharajapuram Santhanam, Soolamangalam Sisters etc, etc, but somewhat i was attracted by this great person, i am still figuring out what's that magnetism that attracted me in her. I started collecting her cine songs as well as her bhajans, trust me, her voice was mesmerizing. Just listen to her "Kurai ondrum illa marai moorthy kanna ..." song in a music system, you will be taken to a new world. I should admit the fact that i was attracted towards that genius not for her songs, but for her looks. In tamil we would call "Pazhutha Sumangali", this term will be used for a women who lives with her husband for decades and she is a perfect example for that. Her beautiful kunkum on the forehead, her 2 sided nose studs, that wonderful silk saree she wores, a nice flo

She ...

Its been our first outing after our marriage and both of us were excited about that, i have my own plans of surprising her today and she was not aware of that. It all started well and went fine till we reached the most expensive hotel in the city for a candle lit dinner. This being an arranged marriage i did not have a full idea about her character and i thought this will be a good start to get to know each other. I left the choice of ordering the menu items for us to her and she got involved in reading that menu card so deeply, untill she heard a female voice calling ... "Hey vasanth, what a surprise? Not even in the wildest of my dreams i thought i will meet you again, how are you ?", even i was extremly thrilled to see Vasanthi after a long time and i too reciprocated my happiness, i introduced my sweet heart to vasanthi and she told her that "This idiot didnt even call me for his marriage, but its a pleasure meeting you now". Vasanthi is a personality who gels w

Its terrible ...

It was very dark everywhere and terribly cold, i was crawing on my feet and trying to find my way out of that place. I pricked myself to see if i am conscious enough to believe what i am seeing in front of my eyes, yes, i could see one of my friend standing in front of me and it was extremely bright, i was thrilled to see him, i crawled towards him with my hands stretched and then screaming at him with joy, but suddenly it became completely dark and my friend dissapeared, i was crying with pain and terrible cold. Once again there was a spark of light and i could see my lovely wife standing in front of me, i waived my hands at her, but that went un-noticed, i could see her looking at me with tears rolling on her cheeks, but before i could reach her, she dissappeared and there was total darkness and i was gripped with that biting cold. I could hardly move my feet and was slowly fainting, then i could hear voices of people talking ..... Hey where is your husband yaar ? One of my friend as

Dog's - An Interesting Insight ...

I know everyone of you would have seen DOG's but does anyone of you have seen them in the way i see them ? Check this out and let me know on how many points you guys agree me and how many points are new to you. BTW - this applies to all the DOG's in this planet 1. Dogs before sitting (anywhere / anytime) they used to come around that place 3 times and then only it will sit. (Without doing that, they will never sit) 2. Dogs run from one place to another and stand there for couple of seconds and then come back to the same place from where they started (This is what they say "Naaiky Nikka Neramum illa, panna velai yum illa) 3. Dogs while running (chasing) / walking always have their toungue out. (This is what they say "Naaka thonga pottundu alayaradhu) 4. Dogs always use their left hind leg to scratch its left side of the body, to scratch their right side of their body they use their teeth and not the right hind leg. (I found out this after researching umpteen number of

Appa ...

Appa, enakku innikku oru interview irruku paa adhuku poganum, bus charge ku panam venum, oru 50 rooba irrundhaa tharaelaa ? Hmmm, dora ithoda pala thadava 50, 50 roobaavaa vaangindu poirukael, aanaa vela vaanga thaan thuppu illa, rascal Appavaoda andha vaarthai, raviya kooni kurugi poga vechudhu, irrundhaalum thirupi edhirthu pesara nelamai la avan illa, so vaaya moodindu appa munaadi ninaan, appa vum oru 50 rooba nota avan moonji la vitterinjutu ponaar Ravi anniku pona interview successfulla mudinjudhu, avanuku maasm 7000 roobaai la sambalam, ravi aathuku oodi vandhu modhalla avan appa kitta thaan andha news a sonaan, avar kaal la vizhundhu aaseervaadham vaanginaan "Appa neenga mattum enna mattam thataama irrundhurundhaa, naanum serious aa velai thediruka maataen, enakkum indha maadhiri oru nalla velai kedaichurukaadhu, unga kadipukku, romba thanks pa" Enna paa, script a padika sonna, neenga engayo mind a ooda vittundu motu moolaya paarthundu irrukael nu Kannan avan school d

Kavidhaigal ...

அழும் குழந்தைக்கு நிலா சோறு ஊட்டினாள் தாய் உன் முகம் காட்டி ********************************************************************************** அவள் குனிந்து பெருக்கினாள் அறை சுத்தமானது மனம் குப்பையானது **********************************************************************************

Deleting Controversial Blog's

Based on the request from one of my best friend, i am deleting two blog's which were hurting a particular community. I still dont regret for what i worte in my blog, but i just can't ignore my friends request, so i am deleting those entries. I apologise if that would have hurt any of your centiments.

Newly Engaged ? ... What to talk yaar ??

Hmmm, i was actually planning to put this on my blog for a long time. We have information for anything on the internet, but when it comes to relationships, we dont actually find much of information. In a country like INDIA, marriage is a very very complex affair, that too arranged marriage is something i call as "GAMBLE" not all the time you click the right chord. The interesting part of arranged marriage comes when the GUY and the GIRL meets in person and then start discussing about their likes and dis-likes and with a certain amount of trade-off they agree to tie the knot. Well i am not going to talk anything about arranged marriage here, i am just going to give some tips for couples who have got engaged and are waiting to get married, so the time between engagement and marriage is suppose to be the most ROMANTIC period of their life (atleast i want mine to be ROMANTIC between that time window), but not all couples are really comfortable in this period and will run out of s