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My Top 10 Movies ...

Ah, with this little experience of watching movies, i thot of rating the top ten movies which bothered me and gave me the pleasure of watching them. So here is that list, you readers tell me how many in this list actually matches your favourites.

10th: Saami - Vikram, Trisha - This movie has a very fast moving screenplay which does not make anyone feel bored. Highlight was Vikram's Acting

9th: Kaakha Kaakha - Surya, Jyothika - This movie is simply a Gautham's classic, every bit of the movie was thrilling and entertaining. Songs are this movies highlight

8th: Bhaashaa - Rajinikanth, Naghma - Hooo, a typical Rajinikanth movie and still is one of his all time best. Story line was simply ultimate, suits Super Star.

7th: Netrikan - Rajinikanth, Sarita - This movie is famous for Ranjini's anti hero role, it has an excellent story. Highlight was Balachander's direction

6th: Mouna Raagam - Mohan, Karthik, Revathi - The movie which proved that even mohan can act. Wonderful screenplay. Highlight was Karthik's role in this film.

5th: Naayagan - Kamal Hassan, Sharanya - Everything is top notch in this film, especially the music and re-recording. Highlight was the story, too good of a film

4th: Mudhalvan - Arjun, Manisha Koirala - A perfect example of a great screenplay. Excellent story line. Highlight of this movie is its Screenplay

3rd: Moondraam Pirai - Kamal Hassan, Sridevi - Its a sheer class film, wonderfully directed by Balu Mahendra - Highlight of this movie was its climax, kamal made us cry

2nd: Kaadhal - Barath, Sandhya - This is one of the movie which brought tears into my eyes after a long time. Highlight of this movie was acting of all new comers.

1st: MOZHI - Prithivi Raj, Jyothika - THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE OF THIS YEAR 2007. Hats off to Jyothika for her superb acting, she was well supported by Prakash Raj with his wonderful performance, but the star of the movie was Jyothika and this movie has rewritten the way of taking a film, and proved to all directors that people are not only enjoying MASALA films, but they are ready to accept films of this kind, which touches everyone's heart.


  1. Hi Satish,
    Came across your blog by chance as I have a google alert on Jyothika and Surya. Saw your Top 10 all time fav movie list. Agree with Mozhi taking the number 1 spot as the best movie of the 2007. Was surprised to see Paruthi Veeran left out of your list as it too was a superb movie. Also surprised to see Kaaka Kaaka ranked number 9 -- thought it should have been in top 3. It is in my opinion, one of the best Indian movies ever.Few of my non-Indian friends (i live in Malaysia and most non-Indians like Chinese and Malays are more familiar with Bollywood movies. The Hindi movies run in Malaysia because of Malays -- they just love 'em) who have never ever watched Tamil films were converted into watching Tamil films after watching this movie (the VCD I have has English subtitles).

    Kandukondain Kandukondain should also have made the list because it is a superb adaptation of a Jane Austen novel into a Tamil movie (makers of the horrendous bride and prejudice should have taken note of this). Did you know that this movie made it into the list of Guardian Top 10 movies of the World Movie Festival in 2000?

    I would never put any Rajini films in the top 10 movies ever. Am ashamed to say have not watched Kadhal yet. Since you so highly recommend it, I shall watch it one of these days. A few more of Mani Ratnam's movies should have made it to the list like Iruvar and Alaipayuthey for instance. I feel Iruvar was under-appreciated by the Tamil audience. Maybe 30 years from now people will look back and have a different verdict on the movie. Another movie that should have made the list is Anthanal starring Sivaji Ganesan and Pandribai which came out in 1956 or 57...not sure. Sivaji play an anti-hero, basically a Tamilian who spys for Japanese and Pandiri Bai his wife. The plot and screenplay for a 1950s movie is very modern and fast moving. Most incredibly, the movie has no songs! Unfortunately this movie flopped badly. If only this movie had been a hit, the direction of Tamil movies would have been very, very different.
    Over all, this year is in my opinion, one of the best year for Tamil cinema. I myself saw 11 movies in the theater this year -- a record! I have never in all my years went to see that many movies in the theater. My max would have been about 3 or 4, which is considered a lot.

    Here's hoping that next year will see more new young and exciting directors trying out new things in Tamil movies. And one last final prayer to the Tamil film industry: for heaven's sake please subtitle the movies! There are many Tamilians here in Malaysia who no longer speak the language and can only watch a Tamil movie when there are subtitles. And please learn how to market your movies better from your cousins in Bollywood. And finally, get out of this thinking that only Tamil speakers watch Tamil movies. If Chinese and Malays can watch Hindi movies, then they should also be able to watch Tamil movies. Please think of a global audience to increase the market share of Tamil films. This way, even if a movie flops in Tamil Nadu, it can still recoup its business from overseas, which is what the Hindi films are doing. This way, directors can experiment with newer story ideas. After all, there is only so much of boy meets girl, falls in love, opposition to marriage and love triumphs and they live happily ever after types of movies that we can stomach.

    Sharmila Valli Narayanan

  2. Hi Sharmila

    Thanks for such an eloborate comment :). I too agree with some of your movies which should have got into my list, but i was just blogging it and typed whatever that came on top of my head. I am also like you, i hardly watch movies, but some movies i don wanna miss and i watch those for sure. You please watch KAADHAL movie, its a movie of sheer class, considering the fact that all the actors in the movie were new comers except the hero Barath.

    Wish you a very happy and a prosperous new year.

    NB: You just kindled my memories of me living in KL for more than 6 months and i am feeling nostalgic about it. I love Malaysia.


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