Kadalai Podaradhu Eppadi ??

Well, I dont think i need to give an explanation on the above mentioned subject, as this term is widely known to all south indian youths, well for the sake of "Dummies" who (still) does not know what this mean, here is a brief definition of the term - Kadalai means groundnut in english and this term is normally quoted under the context where a guy talks to a girl for a longer period of time on a subject which is (all the times) not at all relevant to the situation, environment or the individual. So here we are going to see a typical kinda conversation between a guy and a girl, just to understand how to follow this technique to cover a figure.
CAUTION: Over dosage of Kadalai Podaradhu can be harmful to any relationship, so reduce the dosage as accordingly.

Here we go ...
He and she meets in a pary of one of their common friend, neither of them have not met before and this is their conversation. Our guy is excited about meeting this new gal and wanna impress (depress) her at the first sight, this is what i call "Kill at first sight ..." (mokka pottu kollaradhu)

He: Hey!! I am rohit, working for a MNC s/w company in bangalore, you are sunitha rite ?
She: Hi, i think you have mistaken, i am not sunitha, i am Sindhu.
He: Oh, i am terribly sorry, your face cut actually resembles sunitha and hence this confusion
She: Ah, thats ok, it happens
He: Ya i know, you know what, i always get confused like this and have put myself in a spot many times.
She: Just nods ...
He: Infact, not many people take this as light as you took, thats a very good quality, i like it
She: Just smiles ...
He: Hope you didnt mistake me ? (expects a reply from her this time)
She: Not at all (Mission accomplished, so kept the frying pan over the stove, kadala varukarathuku thaan)
He: Thats good!!! Have we met before ?
She: I dont think so
He: Even i dont think we have met
She: (Tells herself) Appo enndha ezhavuku keta ??
He: Being in this IT industry, we meet lots of ppl and hence its obvious that we cant remember everyone na ?
She: ya
He: When i was going to the US, i happend to mistake one of my co-passengers as "Raghu" who was my ex colleague in Infosys, and was almost sure it was him, i went and gave a nice spat on his back, when he turned at me, i was shocked to see that it was not Raghu, hahahahaha (Adhu joke aam, adhunaala ivaru sirikaraaraam, he now expects her to laugh for his *JOKE*)
She: Iyoo, thaangala (tells herself)
He: Still LOL
She: Giving a blank stare at him
He: Did you ever had any such experiences like this ? (periya karan thaper ivaru, question ketkaraaru)
She: No
He: Actually it would be very funny you know, if you get into such situations, hahaha (thirumbavum sirikaraaru)
She: Doesn't know what to do and how to get rid of this guy, so cursing her friend for inviting such a BLADEU for party
He: You know, sachin once again missed a one day ton, i dont think he is concentrating on his batting nowadays, may be its high time he retires, what do you think ?
She: I hardly follow cricket
He: Heyyyy, commmooonnnn yaar, being in INDIA you should not say this, its more like a religion for us
She: I dont follow that religion, thats what i said
He: I am a cricket fanatic, i am watching this sport right from my school days, initially i felt that its an IDIOT's game, but later that game sucked me inside, and now i am an addict. It all started when my dad took me to watch an exhibition match which was held at M A Chidambaram Stadium in the year 1982, at that time Gavaskar was captaining the INDIAN team, and i think Gaekwad was the wise captain, not sure though. I am surprised to hear that you dont follow that game, you seem to be an interesting character yaar
She: (tells herselff) iyooooooo, oru TSUNAMI vandhu indha naaya vaarikitu poida koodaadhaa
He: But most of the girls dont like that sport, may be because it was termed as "Gentleman's Game" and not "Gentle Women's Game" hahahahaha (bayangaramaana joke aam, kachaa muchaa nu sirikaraaru namba hero)
She: No reaction whatsoever
He: Infact there is a joke, i dont know whether you know this, there is a temple called MELMARUVATHOOR in tamil nadu and only FEMALE devotees throng that temple the most, and after seeing the increase in female devotees, the government has changed the name of that city as "FEMALE MARUVATHOOR" hahahahahahahahaha (he was damn sure that she will be ROTFL for this great joke)
She: Giving a blank stare
He: I thought you dont follow the game cricket but it looks like you also dont follow jokes, hahahahaha (idhuvum joke aam, avarae solli sirikaraaru)
She: No Reaction
He: But i know girls are like that, they dont enjoy jokes that much, you know what, i have a friend called Nimmy, she is also like this, she never laughs for my jokes, hahahahahaha (ippo avan yaen sirichaan nu avanukae puriyala, loosu paya)
She: (tells herself) Oh ippo nee adikaradhelaam joke aa ? "Enna koduma saravanan idhu?"
He: OK yaar, what else ? (iyaakae enna pesaradhu nu teriyala ippo)
She: Nothing
He: Ya, since we are meeting for the first time there is nothing much to discuss, but i am sure you would have enjoyed this brief chat (ivarae, ivar olaralukku certificate kuduthukaraaru), it was a nice pass time na ?
She: Ya (vera ennatha solla mudiyum indha bladeu kitta)
He: Good that you too enjoyed, i have never been so open to anyone, but somewhat i felt very close to you and hence shared all my thoughts, i think these kinds of relationships just happen, what do you say ?
She: Oh i c
He: Infact you know, when i first joined my school in 1978, i was 3 yrs old
She: Aamaam, naanga elaam school serum boadhu 30 yrs old paaru (tells herself)
He: I am a very shy kid at school, you wont believe, i wont open my mouth a bit, even for eating food, hahahahahaha (marupadiyum joke sollirukaaru la ... adhaan avarae sirichukaraaru) while laughing, our hero slipped his mobile on the floor and have to bend and then take it, once he took his mobile
SHE: WAS NOT THERE ...............

So, ippo neenga mela padicha conversation thaan, oru typical example for KADALA PODARADHU, paartheengalaa pin velaiva ? andha ponnu sollikaama kholaama oodi poachu, so kadala podaradhum, paarthu podanum

Hmmm, vera oru story oada apporam meet pannaraen ungala ... BFN


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