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India are World Champions ...

I know this post is a little too late and the reason why I delayed it was to relive the moment a little later. The day which will be etched in my memory till my doom, is 2nd April 2011 and a verse which I want to be as an epitaph on my tomb is “Sachin kissed his World Cup”. In spite of me falling terribly sick that day, I gathered some strength to watch this epic final between India and Sri Lanka. I never expected INDIA to reach this stage, but some stupendous batting and fielding performance by the men-in-blue proved me wrong. I am gonna take you all through the emotions and highlights of this Cricket World Cup 2011. The way Sehwag started this World Cup was in itself a very special and a memorable one, starting the series with a sexy cover drive and continuing to start his innings with a 4 on 5 consecutive innings is something special. India looked very strong against the minnows Bangladesh in the opening match and that performance could have given shivers in the spine of every

LokPal - Another Emotional Drive ...

Once again this emotional country rises up to the occasion and started another emotional movement called this "LokPal", maybe we are carried away by visuals we saw on television over the revolution that took place in Egypt and Libya, so this country too wanted its name on the global media and hence started this movement called "LokPal". Before even I put forth my views in this post, let me tell you all, I am not against Anna Hazare, I don't belong to any political party, none of my relatives or friends are into politics, I am one amongst you, but not the one who usually gets carried away by the emotional current that circulates around me. Ok what is all this hungama about this new movement started by Anna Hazare? Thanks to all those email forwards which enlightened me with the reason and cause for such movement and the following emotional tide that swept the nation, similar to how we all reacted when the media screamed "Save the Tigers", I can bet,