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We are calling from ...

Off late I have developed this habit of talking to the agents who call on my cell phone w.r.t Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Movie Rentals etc etc without disconnecting the line immediately. I am using this as a great opportunity to improve my sense of humor skills and giving a nice entertainment to my colleagues who sit around me, I thought of sharing some of the conversations I have with few agents of this sort and I hope you guys would enjoy reading this ... Movie Rental Company (BIGFlix) Ringing .... Ringing .... Ringing .... Me: Hello, Satish here Agent: Sir, we are calling from BigFlix Movie rental, is this a right time to talk to you sir ? Me: Ok, you just said "We" are calling from BigFlix, so how many people we have in the call ? Is this some kind of a conference call ? Agent: No sir, this is not a conference call, we may just record this call for audit purpose Me: So, it is just only you and I in this call and it would be better if you would have said -

Married ...

After a short two week vacation for my marriage, I am back to work and as well to blogging. I got an answer to why folks have restricted to just one marriage (officially) in our society, it is so bloody taxing and it drains out every bit of energy an individual has. The oldies in the family actually bear the brunt of all these hungama, though they are mentally charged up to do things and participate in the proceedings; their physical stamina is not cooperating with them. I myself got physically and mentally exhausted in those three days and was waiting to get to home and vacate the marriage hall. Hindu tam-Brahms marriage rituals are pretty lengthy and elaborate and it would for sure test your stamina to the extent possible, starting from making you not to eat anything till you tie the knot to drying your tear glands in that hot, irritating smoke that comes out of the "homam" (fire), it is very very challenging. I now have the rights to disagree with every astrologer and ev