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Once again this emotional country rises up to the occasion and started another emotional movement called this "LokPal", maybe we are carried away by visuals we saw on television over the revolution that took place in Egypt and Libya, so this country too wanted its name on the global media and hence started this movement called "LokPal". Before even I put forth my views in this post, let me tell you all, I am not against Anna Hazare, I don't belong to any political party, none of my relatives or friends are into politics, I am one amongst you, but not the one who usually gets carried away by the emotional current that circulates around me.

Ok what is all this hungama about this new movement started by Anna Hazare? Thanks to all those email forwards which enlightened me with the reason and cause for such movement and the following emotional tide that swept the nation, similar to how we all reacted when the media screamed "Save the Tigers", I can bet, not even 20% of this country's population would have seen a tiger in real. We all geared up, we put that on blogs, we screamed on social networking sites, we signed on web pages which are just going sit as records inside a database (nothing more than that), and finally felt pride and happy that we all have saved tigers. Poachers still continue to kill that innocent animal, and we still export their skin.

One of my US colleagues used to tell me this - It is very easy to attack you Indians emotionally, though I felt hurt by that statement and fought a verbal war against him, but that is very true. Simple example, when India beat Pakistan in the WC semi-finals, the entire nation raved about Afridi as the most professional cricketer Pakistan has ever produced, when Afrid wished "Best of Luck to India" during the match presentation, more than Afridi, the emotions raised tears in most of the INDIANs and all social networking sites went bonkers with appreciation on Afridi. Just 5 days after that, when they came to know the real face of Afridi, the nation boiled. This is what I call an emotionally weak society.

Ok coming back to LokPal bill, I appreciate and salute this gentlemen Anna Hazare, who at least took the first step towards cleaning up this nation, but unfortunately the reality is not fully digested by Anna Hazare and he is now working on a bill to be passed by the government which is of absolute no use to a layman citizen like you and me. We all are picturing an image that only the politicians are corrupt - "Mera Neta Chor Hey", so do we conclude that they are the only prime reason and source for corruption? And we citizens have no part in up-bringing this child called "corruption"? Let us first take a clear stand on this and proceed further.

Let's agree and celebrate this victory that the government has now agreed to draft this "LokPal" bill and make sure that our Neta's do not involve in corruption, so can we all be rest assured that INDIA will be a corruption free country after this bill is passed? May be this would be a good statement to attract new citizens to this country, our immigration counters across the globe can put this as a hoarding "India is a corruption free country, so come and join us as our citizens", WHAT DO YOU AND I GET OUT OF THIS BILL? NOTHING NOTHING AND ONLY NOTHING. I am sure my readers will be ready with an arrow to fire questions like, "You cheap, instead of being an arm-chair cribber, why can't you do something useful to this country, and not commenting on someone who is at least trying to do this in your stupid blog?", ok, can you please answer these questions for me ?

Assume that this bill is passed and all our Neta's become honest like Mahatma Gandhi overnight, the next day morning, can you and I be feeling a sense of new air, that there is no need to give bribe to anyone in this country and just step out of your house? Assume we do that as well - Please go to a nearby police station and try to file a FIR without giving bribe to that constable or inspector, please walk into a government hospital and try to help a grieving family to take a body out of the mortuary without giving bribe, please go to a RTO and try to get your driving license without giving him bribe, please go to a marriage registration office with all needed documents and still get your marriage certificate without getting a bribe, please go to a house registration office and try registering your house without giving the registrar a bribe, please go to a vehicle check post office and try taking your vehicle out of that check post without giving the security the bribe, please try to get an electricity connection in your name without paying bribe, please try to get a birth certificate to your new born without giving a bribe, please try to get a death certificate without a bribe, please try to cremate a body in a government crematorium without paying bribe?

If you and I can do all these day to day activities without paying a single penny, that day I will agree, accept and salute mother INDIA that my nation is a corrupt free nation, but unfortunately you cannot even achieve one point of my above given facts without you paying bribe, so where have we stopped corruption? Corruption in this country is beyond cure, even with 10000000 Anna Hazare's to support, we cannot even pluck the H out of a "HAIR", so don't waste your time by going to some park and exhibiting your support to this movement, this movement has no meaning, to be this is one more public stunt by media and some media fond people. You have no choice other than paying bribe, but I am mentally tough, so I don't do things which requires bribe, at least going forward, I can live my life this way.


  1. hey, understand all that anger, but like you said yourself, sometime or the other there needs to be a step taken! instead of lying on the couch and watching tv, why don't we pay some attention to someone who is trying to do something? why don't we cut down 1 hr of TV watching and be in the park to show support? what is it that we're really losing by showing support?!

    Corruption started at high level and boiled down to the grass roots. It has to be first cured at the high level. The effects cannot be seen overnight, but sure, there will be something noticeable in the next few years. Let's hope so.


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