3 Mobile Test Series - First Test Match

What else we can say other than one more pathetic indian display. The way in which the indian batsmen batted in both the innings proved once again that they are spineless when counter attacking a quality side like Australia. The only consolation was sachin's performance in the first innings but in the second innings he felt out of place and was struggling to get the nick. The wall colapsed once again and it looks like he is following the foot steps of how Ganguly was playing 3 years back, i think i could have played much better than dravid, its high time the wall reconstructs itself. I heard that Yuvraj and Dhoni mistook this to be a 20-20 and was trying to fire from the word go and unfortunately it back-fired for the team. I really dont mind INDIA losing this series to Australia but they should offer some resistance, this victory was literally gifted to Australia which is painful to a die-hard indian cricket fan like me. I hope we show some resistance in the next match.


Australia - 327 and 337 (Lead of 499 runs)
India - 196 and 161 (Lost by a diff of 337 runs)


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