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My Dear NRI's

I had this (actually heated) argument with one of my friend last evening, he is living outside INDIA and always talks as if he is very concerned and bothered about this country and it’s so called developments, my argument was this - A NRI has got absolutely no right to comment about this country, he may have a birth right in INDIA but to me he is a foreigner who holds an INDIAN passport. When you feel you are so patriotic, why can't you come back to your motherland and then try to implement your so called views of improving this country? Why are you hiding yourself and just doing "arm-chair" cribbing?

The reasons he gave me for not opting or even thinking of coming back to INDIA are these - Indian politics is shit, We have to beg even for the basic needs, The education system in this country is caste based and not talent based, Politicians in this country are killing its growth, this country is heavily polluted, diseases in INDIA are much more than any other country in the world. After hearing all these I told him just this - "A dog which gets hit by a stone, runs 4 streets away and keeps barking, it will not do any good either to the dog or to the street" and that is what is the state of NRI's.

They don't want to come and live in this country which gave them everything when they needed it the most, they did their basic education here, they got their degree's here, they were shaped for betterment in this country, when all these incidents happened in INDIA the above said reasons were very well alive and kicking, but how come those reasons turns out to be PROBLEMS when they go abroad? Do they think that a country operates on its own? Every aspect of a country is driven by its sensible citizens. If today we are appreciating Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and other APAC countries for their outstanding growth, it wouldn’t have been possible if their citizens too decide to settle abroad.

Lot of NRI's may read this post as a "heart-burnt" reaction from me, as I did not get an opportunity to work abroad and settle abroad, but I leave that to the guess of the readers, the whole point of this argument is, when someone does not have any handle to a situation or a problem, he or she should maintain absolute calmness and walk away. The recent TAMASHA these NRI's played is that they all did a "Dandi-March" in the US, to fight corruption in INDIA, how on this bloody earth that can be stated as logical? Fuck!!! They would have given hefty bribes to the travel agents and other government offices to travel abroad in the first place. This was more like you operating on your knee for a heart ailment.

I am not against NRI who wanted to go abroad and settle there, my anger is all about their views and perceptions about INDIA and still they act as if they are the most patriotic individuals who roam this mother earth, all I am saying is, just stop bull-shitting, continue earning in dollars/yens/euros/pounds, send a good portion to your family, fuck all your holes and keep quite. Don't pretend as if you care for INDIA, if you really wanted to do something, please come home and correct the mess. A war is never fought inside four walls; it has to be won in a war field.



  1. hmm... quite a tirade against the N R I's! but i agree with most of what you have written...


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