Happy Birthday to me ;-)

Happy Birthday to mee, Happy Birthday to mee, Happy Birthday to meee, Happy Birthday to dear mee, Happy Birthday to mee. Ah!!! I actually thot of recording this song in my voice and then pin it here, but considering the lives of my blog surfers, i decided to pin just the lyric.

Welll, this buffallo turned 31 today and its really hard to believe that i have spent 30 useless years in this planet, and since i have already become useless, there is not point in me trying to be useful, so please allow this useless to be the way he is.

My Birthdays are always quite, mostly it goes un-noticed (i prefer it that way). I was wished by my dear buddies - Chandri, Lavs, Radhika, Meera, Sam, Shiva, Raj, Nithya, Paul (quite a small bunch ahh!!). My dad came from chennai last night. I just went to ULSOOR temple in the evening with my dad. Its a pretty normal day for me, nothing special.

I have taken a wonderful resolution this year, i.e I will not take any resolution anymore ;-)))


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