Bangalore Traffic

Hooooooo, one more horrible journey to office. Without any damn reason there was a nasty traffic jam near EPIP Industrial Area, Whitefield. Thanks for the driving population of bangalore, who once again proved that they have balls in place of brains. The left lane was completely choked (for no reaon, though) so people conveniently took the right lane and choked the traffic which was flowing in from the other direction, there was a total pandemonium for more than 1 hour.

Well, what is there in me writing this blog without the humour part of this chaos. Just in the morning i drank 1 liter of water, just to ease my bowels, and as planned i attened my 7:30 nature call just before i step out of my house and has calculated another 30 mins for my bladder to refill itself. Actually it was very chill outside and raining too. Once i realized that i got stuck in a bad traffic jam (out of that fear my bladder started to fill fast ;-)) i sensed that i am guarenteed a horrible journey to work, believe it or not, it took 13 minutes for me to empty my bladder once i get back to work.

Hmm, so the lesson learnt is ? - Never drink water on a rainy day!!!!


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