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This weekend I happened to watch 3 horror movies (I almost turned to be a devil now). One was "Sixth Sense" by MN Shyamalan, it was quite an interesting movie and the climax was simply stunning. I loved each and every bit of that movie.


The next Movie was "Exorcist 4". I somewhat feel that director "Rosso Blair" has lost his creativity and it's high time he quits taking this series, the story is becoming more stereotype and anybody can guess the climax. its the same old priest coming and sitting near the devil's bed and chanting the bible, there is absolutely no spice in that. Even the make-up has let him down this time, the devil face is not that scary, it actually looks like me with an extra coating of powder on my face ;-) so whiteeeeeeeeee.


The last movie was again a MNS film "THE VILLAGE", but I think he has outsourced this movie to some other director, this does not look like a his sort of film, this movie reminded me of watching "Schindler's List" (I was the 5th person in the entire theater). The director has tried to convey something out of this movie, but did not tell what was that. I have wasted 2 hours of my time in watching that movie. I would rather pull a pickle out of my sandwich, hit it against the wall and watch it falling down



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