Justice to Dr. Haneef

Its a great home coming for Dr. Haneef who has just saved our nation's pride by suffereing a lot at the hands of Australian officials. You know what, infact i was very much convinced that Dr. Haneef should be a terrorist just becoz he is a MUSLIM, how stupid i can be.

This justice has given an uplift not only to our country, but also for all fellow muslim's around the world. I too feel that MUSLIM's are unnecessarily targeted and suspected as terrorists just because they are MUSLIM. At the same time, i am not denying the fact that most of the terrorists (happen to be) are muslims, there might be a variety of reasons for that, but every MUSLIM should understand that their holy book "Qur-aan" does not preach terrorism or JIHADI. I have seen many MUSLIM's who are much good in character than a HINDU, so, to me caste does not dictate the character of an individual, its only the environment which is making anyone, GOOD or BAD.

Well, i should mention the unity that was exhibited by Dr. Haneef's family, Oh man!!! I was simply stunned and i have now become an admirer of Ms. Firdous Ayesha, who faced such a trauma with extreme cool composure. Her television interviews were crisp and not even once i have seen her shedding tears in front of the media, actually she changed one of my stupid views which was dancing in my brain for a long time - "Girls always cry". I would definitely give Dr. Haneef's wife a heartfelt salute to her courage and bravery. Long live this wonderful couple. May ALLAH be with them forever and bless them always.


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