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It looks like it is the period of uncovering "sex scandals" of the so called GODMAN's of this country. There was one who was flourishing money via flesh trade near Delhi and now a south Indian godman "Nithyanandha" was caught "saffron" handed on bed with an ex-tamil actress. I actually know a little bit of this Nithyanandha or should I say "Nithya-Aanandha" (Ever Happy) via one of my ex Oracle colleague who is a disciple of this fellow, he used to tell me so much of good things about this person and again I am not saying that he is now a fraud just that he was caught in a sex scandal. One thing I personally don't believe is "No Human is GOD" and there ends my views on such godmen's. What is so surprising is, the so called god men who get caught on sex scandals like this are capable of attracting millions of "devotees" all around the globe and how on earth that is possible if they are having such filthy thoughts and expectations?

I would blame the people who blindly follow such god men for this mess, anyone who comes out with saffron attire is considered to be a god-sent person in this country and people fall prey for such folks and they too take undue advantage of the situation and then ruin your life. I am not an atheist and I truly, deeply, madly believe in GOD and there cannot be a supreme power than him, when you develop such a thought in your mind, you cannot and you will not run behind such fakes. No human is beyond "worldly pleasures" and they cannot be as well, as a human being you and your body has to undergo certain stages and chemical reactions which cannot me stopped or controlled and when that process is not in your control, you cannot be considering yourself as a messenger of GOD and for GOD's sake, there are no god sent messengers in this real world. These fake godmen's purely thrive on our "desperation" and nothing more than that. If you apply your mind a bit, I am sure no one will fall prey to such fakes.

Again I am not saying that he having sex with a women is a fault, after all it is a need for the human body to undergo certain chemical changes and no HUMAN can (never and ever) stop that. My anger is, why are you doing that on the name of GOD? You have earned the trust and belief of so many million people and you are added as a part of their daily prayers, I would pardon someone who has physically killed someone, but it is a bigger crime, if we kill someone's trust and confidence and that is what these fake god men are doing and that is a punishable crime not in this court of law, but in the court of GOD. I was almost dragged by that colleague once to go and visit the ashram of this "Nithyanandha" but I strongly refused saying, I will never worship another human being as GOD in my lifetime. I am sure, this country has got many such fake godmen's and there are millions of ladies who fall prey to their cheap and dirty needs all in the name of GOD, and it is just that they have not been brought to light.

I strongly condemn "Sun TV" and its allies for broadcasting such nasty videos on air and it shows their utmost irresponsible behavior towards the society and once again they have proved that they are one of the most selfish and cruel news channel in INDIA. Right from the "Bus Burning" incident to an "Elephant killing a tantrik in a temple pond" this channel has gone beyond the ethics of broadcasting limits and I am sure the government of tamil nadu or INDIA will not do anything against this channel and we spineless citizens will not raise our voices against such channels and would continue to do arm-chair cribbing. The more we keep silent, the more rotten this country is gonna get. I am sure this issue too will fizz out after a day or two and we will be ready to allow one more god men to do whatever he wants, untill his acts are uncovered. Jai Hind!!!


  1. Totally agree with each and every statement you have made , Sat ! very true ! I donno when our janta will learn ! or if at all they will ever learn !

  2. I am wondering what forces ladies to fall for such men. It cant just be money ???

  3. Completely Agrre with whatever you said! I think if you firmly believe in God you wont need "God men" Its our minds weakness only which makes ppl fall for these petty so called Godmen crap

  4. First time here. Liked what you wrote. I am 100% with you. I think women who have weak mind or low self esteem fall for these fake samiyars.

    How will they take action against Sun TV. We all know it is owned by the grand-nephews (Maran brothers) of Karunanidhi. They are the "ruling party" in the State as well as the Center.

  5. @All - I wish the coming generations put an end to all these non-sense and I am confident that the era of these fake god men are gonna end very soon.

    SG: Welcome and thanks for peeping in, do visit often :)

  6. We, the people are the ones to blame in this regard. Evvalavu scandals vanthaalum, namba eppavume thiruntha maattom. When ladies are going thro rough times, they naturally look for a shoulder to lean, and these persons take advantage, i dont think its money that speaks in all the cases.

  7. "I will never worship another human being as GOD in my lifetime."

    On the lighter side, does that include Sachin Tendulkar.

  8. You are 200 % correct, most of the thoughts are shared by me also. From my early childhood, except the maha periyaval [ in my childhood days] i never prostrated before any self made human god 'in my life. I deliberately left out mentioning [kanchi sankarachariyal krupayai munnittu'] in our 60 th birthday invitation because I do not believe in the current madathipathi.

    Coming to these so called nadamadum kadavul, kavi vasthiram oru kavasam. kavi vasthram porthiya arakkangal.
    One who believes in god should have it deep in his mind and do not fall prey to these lecherous vultures. these samiyrs initially do goody things to earn name and fame and once the trust is built, they play well with the devotees sentiments.

    There is one more swamigal who flaunts his gold openly while doing the poojas, and devottees throng his ashrams, i mockingly call him as 'gold man sack'.if he has renounced the wordly pleasures why the hell does he need to have so much gold on him?

    The video clippings which are aired are actually of very bad tatse and for TRP channels can stoop to any length, why only Sun TV, even TV NEWS 9 bangalore channel also had most of the time.

    Why only ladies , many men in the ashram have mouth pieced for the 'nithyam anandam' man . There was anither one in north who was gyrating vulgarly in the name of god OH, GOD WHERE ARE YOU?????

  9. I actually believe that Saint is a man who didn't get an opportunity!
    If this man has attracted so many devotees, He sure has something
    be it money! be it charm...!
    He has something which a normal guy doesn't have!
    so its ok according to me...! Its his private life

  10. In fact, we should appreciate SUN TV for boldly exposing the scandal. This is very common in most English channels. Only the persons who support fake swamijis and psuedo-Hinduism talks against SUN TV.

  11. @Sophie - That was a good comment :) It sounds like "Viginity is lack of opportunity"

    @Victor - Well, if they put it once as a news, I would also appreciate, but they were telecasting this like some "Highlights" after a cricket match. Sun TV is a family entertaining channel and lots of young kids are glued on to that.


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