Atrocity Beyond Words ...

How should I start this? Should I say that I am proud to be an INDIAN or should I say that I am not fit to be an INDIAN or should I say I am not a responsible INDIAN? Being in the IT industry for more than 13 years, I felt that I did not know or learn anything about my surroundings and I was happy to be ignorant as I was place inside a closed vacuum balloon which did not show me the real picture of this country. I have lived outside of INDIA for a long time, but not even a single day I felt that INDIA is bad, I always wanted to come to INDIA and be in this great country, but with the current situation, I don't think INDIA is improving, it is decaying beyond recognition and we educated fools are waiting and watching for this great country to rotten ... Let me share my horrific experience in Regional Passport Office at Chennai today ... of course, it’s not my personal problem, but as a citizen of this country, I was humiliated today...

I know going to a government office without an agent is more like walking nude with your eyes closed, you may think that you have everything, but others will be laughing at you. I am not a person who will give bribe at any cost; I am dead against that even if my job is gonna be delayed. I decided that I am not going to have any agent, and I applied online, took all the forms and with the help of my buddy Chandru, I filled all the forms and filed it as well. I owe him a big thanks and a wonderful lunch for this favor and I am yet to give him the money for the stamp paper he procured for me. I checked with him on the procedures and steps of how to go and do things and as per his words I followed what he said and it was hassle free for me, only at one point, the guy who sticks the "TATKAL" sticker on your application form, asked me to re-arrange a sheet which I did then and there. I got my appointment at around 12 and hence I decide to walk out to get myself a drink. I came back and re-joined the queue at around 11:15 itself.

A girl who must be in her late 20s (may be 28 - 29) walked the steps and she approached that person and requested him to let her know what is the procedure to get that "TATKAL" sticker on her application form, she was in some hurry it seems so her tone was a bit "fast", this a** h*** asked her "enga avasaramaa PP vaangi un purushan kooda poi padukanumaa ??" (What, you want to get the PP so soon and go abroad and sleep with your husband?), she broke then and there and she just could not digest that cruel statement, she rushed passed the steps in front of my eyes with tears flowing all thru her cheeks, and I felt so bad and hurt for her and that unruly behavior of that bastard. I know, I am not a person who can stand all these, but at the same time, I wanted to control my anger, hence I started to count from 10 to 0, if that girl would have been my sister I would have killed him then and there. I was so restless and I wanted to blast that fellow, somehow I controlled my anger (me getting pissed off like that is a rare phenomenon).

This happened around 11:35 and by 11:45 an elderly couple who would be in their late 60s came climbing 2 floors and they had a bunch of papers on their hand like us and that old man approached this bastard and asked him if he can go and stand in the queue as his appoint time is 12 noon. He grabbed the papers from that old couple, pretended as if he is checking something and then shouted at them saying the papers were not arrange properly, he removed the gem clip from their bundle and threw them on the floor, the papers scattered everywhere and that poor couple slowly walked towards picking that up, I just could not stand such atrocity in front of my eyes, and if I would have kept quiet, I am not eligible to call myself as an educated person and I am no different than a dog. I know I am not a hero, and at the same time I don’t want to project myself as a hero in that crowd. I walked towards that couple and asked that old maamaa, not to pick those papers. I went to that bastard and blasted him in tamil, I was furious and I was really really angry.

It is not always necessary that you have to fight for justice only for you and your known folks. I used all bad words possible in tamil, for a moment I ignored that I am an Architect, I was fuming inside, the fight got nastier and to my support the entire public joined hands, and we all dragged him by his color and took him to his higher up, I blasted his manager for his colleague behaving like an animal to a senior citizen and I showed him the way he has thrown the papers, he came down and on his behalf he blasted that fellow and asked him to apologize to that old couple. He has no choice other than apologizing and that old couple was so happy and that maamaa told me "I am proud to see a youngster like you", the power of public is proved once again and I was happy that I helped them. Though I lost my cool, I felt that it was necessary at that point in time. The most disgusting thing in this whole fight for justice is, not even a single educated IT professional came to raise their voice, and it was those not so educated people who came to my support. What is the whole point in saying we are educated when we are just a mute spectator of some injustice like this ?? I am ashamed of those folks and they to me are the spineless folks I have ever seen.

So who is to be blamed for all these ?? Don't think too hard, it is me and you who are to be blamed for this. If we would have encouraged educated people to stand in the elections and if we had the heart to caste our votes for educated people, we would not have been in this mess. We elect rouges and bastards to rule this country and those rouges and bastards will only employ fellow rouges and bastards as their servants and we will have to bear the brunt for all these. For our next generation, we need not save them money, we should give them a peaceful environment to live, with the current trend, and I don't think we are going to give our next generation a peaceful INDIA. Bribing is more like AIDS, it is spreading fast and we as responsible citizens should stop that. Please be bold enough to fight against injustice, if you say you are educated, you should stand up for injustice and slap the folks who do that to public. I will fight as long as I can and will work towards making my society a wonderful place to live. I have to go back to the same PP office to renew my dad's passport, I am not afraid to go there. I will go and I will still not pay even a penny bribe and will make that happen.

Have you ever been to a government general hospital to claim a body ?? I wish, none of my readers should even get such an opportunity in life, but I had been in such a situation and the way those folks use your situation and mint money is beyond words for me to explain. Searching for the body of your loved one by opening every drawer and whenever you open a drawer, your heart skips a beat and the man who opens that for you will humiliate you to the core, he would be heavily drunk (it is officially allowed), and for you to get that body out, you have to surrender everything to him, including your self-esteem & self-respect and that time I was with my friends mom, and she being a lady, he did not bother to ask her to get him a packet of liquor late in that midnight, I went for her ........... Please think guys, never ever give a blind eye for injustice, tomorrow you may well be a victim of that. The only minority in this country is an INDIAN

I am extremely sorry for those harsh words in this post, but I just wanted it to come out of my system.


  1. Buddy, I can totally understand what you wana say. You can even put this in the site( under complaints/grievences.

    It's unfortunate that the govt officials (especially those in public service like police dept, RTOs, PP offices) behave like this as if the public are their slaves.

    Have u ever seen a policeman calling a guy as "Sir" or a lady as "Madam". It's always hei, nee vaa po as if they're all dogs or cows....Seriously our Govtemployees (lower levels) needs mandatory moral science lessons.

  2. Totally understand how infuriating all this might have been, and many a times we choose to keep silent cos we know nothing is gonna work if we shout and if we do things might get delayed in fact. Completely agree state of affairs in the govt offices are pathetic to say the least......

  3. It is true that a few Govt officials treat the public in an utterly disrepectful way. I am really not sure if I would have done the same thing (raising my voice against injustice). Kudos to you for being a brave citizen! Appreciate it!!!

  4. As Sandy rightly said, even iam not sure whether i would have done something like that. U r indeed a brave citizen. Being a women has its own disadvantages at these times. :(

  5. Totally with you, Sat ! These guys should be fired in the street ! What a way to behave ! The concept of customer service and the people being customers is just not there in India!
    And kudos to you for standing up like that ! Not many would have done that as you rightly pointed out !

  6. Anonymous9:00 PM

    I thought i should narrate this here. Me and my friend applied for passport in the same office where you were found fuming today. She got her passport within 3 months, and i didnt receive it till a year. My status always showed 'Police verification Complete'. When approached after a year, those officials made me come everyday at 9 and wait there till 6 pm without calling my name. Chan knows this incident as i have taken my major leave during those days..!! Sorry Chan..!! And then one day i lost patience I was again made to wait till 6 when the office closes, went to the official and asked the reason for this stupidity, He replied back saying, my passport application file itself is lost(another heart attack) Then i was made to search my file inside passport office, and that idiot guy hid it so that i can give him some money to find that for me. I never gave a single money to him. With the help of an agent, my process was done within 2 days, and passport got delivered on a holiday January 1st. Thats why the concepts of agents emerge and flourish.

  7. First congrats for standing up for the elderly couples,and then making the guy swallow his words and hang his head in shame, but his routine will continue coz every day they do not have satish to bring them to reality, ''manag gettavanukku madi mele soru'' We are responsible for what we are.
    carry on with your good work.!

  8. I wanted to share my experience in Trichi passport office,There was only two passport offices in TamilNadu -Chennai And trichi(I think now it is changed)and There will be a passport centers in almost all the major cities, Through Passport centers you can apply for a passport, But if there is any change/modification, you have to do it in passport, you have to go to Passport office. People who stays in South side of Tamil Nadu, had to go to Trichy for all passport related work.

    There was a spelling mistake in my name, So I had to go to Trichi from Madurai to get it corrected . I was in Passport office by 9.30 a.m and I gave my request letter to change my name and my passport in the counter by 11.30 a.m .. Mean time, People from different cities like Karur,NagerCoil etc.. waited with me. Passport office Closing time is 6 PM , I think. We were waiting in the queue for more than 5 hrs and they called my name around 5.45 pm to hand over the Pass port. Still there were around 20 people in the queue to collect their passport. Passport counter was exactly closed at 6 pm and they were asking people to come on next day. The person from NagerCoil(which is around 400 Kms from Trichy) was pleasing them to give it to him so that he can catch the bus and go home on same day. But they denied it and asked him to come on next day. I spoke to him after some time, He was very much upset. It was already his second day it seems, He already stayed in a hotel. He was almost crying and teling me like, he didn't have much money to stay in a hotel for a second day. His process is also not complicated- he has to add his child or wife as his dependent .. something.. I am not sure.. which can be done in max of 1 hr time.
    Many things are expected from Passport office visitors:
    You should be very polite or I would say , you should give him a respect like how you will be giving to a king.
    You should not talk loudly with them.
    They are very punctual on closing time but opening time ?

  9. @All - The only thing we youngsters should do is stand and slap those a** h**** who fail to yield to public requests, after all he is a public servant who is getting his salary out of our tax amount, never be timid in such situations and go by "violence" and shatter those bastards. I have now made it a point that I raise my voice when some govt official is not giving the due respect to the public. I am an INDIAN and I deserve every right to be treated well in my own country.

    Lets bring in a CHANGE in this society.

  10. @All, Fight but never slap, there might be a case on you for hitting a govt official on duty hahahaha...Laws are tight in this country u see...


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