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I myself know that my long stories are quite boring and I do wonder how my readers patiently read those, so for a change I have decided to write a series of one minute stories which I am trying to present it short and sweet. The success of the story is, it should reach my audience very fast and at the same time, the concept and theme of the story should stay for a long time in their hearts. I am not an expert story writer as you all know, but I am seriously aspiring to become one. I may be blabbering complete nonsense in this attempt, kindly bare with me and please bash me with your comments and I will surely correct myself. If you don’t put comments, I will mistake that to be a "silent appreciation" and hence I will continue to haunt you all with many more one minute stories.

1. Savithri - Vasanthi

Heavens cut loose on Savithri's head and she busted into tears, the entire family knows that they have to deal with such a situation and it was just waiting to happen. Savithri is 78 years old and is a widow, her only companion is Vasanthi who had a similar traumatic young age like what Savithri had, the incidents that happen in Vasanthi's life is very identical to what happened for Savithri, especially the incident where pregnant Vasanthi was dragged on to the road on a rainy day by the family members of her husband just because she did not cook that night's dinner properly, more than the pain of people pushing her on the road, looks of her mute husband pained a lot to Vasanthi and that is what exactly happened for Savithri as well, though now Savithri is very well taken care of by her grand children, the bashings and humiliation she underwent at her young age, remained as a deep scar in her heart.

Savithri's family knew that she cannot take this news, but unfortunately there is nothing much they can do to avoid Savithri from knowing this. Savithri was inconsolable and at her age and considering that she is a heart patient his incident shook her so badly. She refused to eat or drink, neither she took her tablets, her condition deteriorated, she was on the verge of slipping into coma, her family was quite nervous and they do not know what to do, the family doctor was called upon and he connected few ECG monitors and continued to monitor her heart pulse and he inquired to the family members of what exactly happened which pushed her to this extent, the youngest grandson of Savithri who was just 5 years old was in full tears and then said Vasanthi paati who acts in "Avalum oru Pen" serial died today and paati could not take that shock. And yes, that is what these mega serials are doing to our paati's these days.

2. Teether ...

Little Rohan was excited to have his first pup and that too a cute and an adorable Labrador, he was waiting for this moment for a long time and as promised by his dad, he got this little cute thing as his birthday gift. Rohan took immense care for that pup, right from giving that little pup a bath, feeding him with kibbles, it was all done by Rohan. After a weeklong research, Rohan named his pup "Teether" and he loves to chew his fingers all the time. Rohan's mom was so happy and proud to see the way Rohan is taking care of his pup, she felt that he acts so matured and affectionate and this will really help him to have a better attitude when he grows up. Rohan stopped going outside and play on those muddy ground and come home with bruises or cuts, he was full time busy with "Teether" and this came as extra relief to Rohan's mom and this relief did not last long. Rohan got so attached to "Teether", in a way he refused to do anything without "Teether" around.

One fine day the fate had a twisted tail, all of a sudden "Teether" took ill and he was out sick for more than 10 days, it has been just too many frequent visits to the vet, but unfortunately one fine day "Teether" died. Rohan's mom did not know what to say when he comes back from school, she asked the vet to cremate the pup and she came home with teary eyes. Rohan came back from school and the first thing he asked was "How is Teether doing and where is he ?", Rohan's mom felt that, it is better to tell him the truth and not hiding it, as this has to be told one day, so she slowly approaches Rohan, took him to her arms and said "Rohan, Teether died today morning", Rohan just said "Oh is it, that's fine" and then he took care of doing his routine homework and he was quite normal. Rohan's mom could not believe that and she was so proud that he took this so cool. Five days later little Rohan came back from school and asked his mom "Mom, where is Teether ??", though a bit surprised with that question, she replied to him calmly, "I told you naa beta, Teether died 5 days back, why are you asking now ??", that's it, Rohan broke into pieces, he cried like hell, he threw everything he saw, he banged his head on the wall, he rolled on the floor and cried. His mom did not know what to do and at the same time she has no clue why he is reacting to this so badly now. She somehow calmed him down and took him to her arms and asked - "I told you the same thing 5 days ago, at that time you did not say anything, now why are you behaving like this ? Weeping Rohan wiped his tears and said "That day I heard it as Father and not Teether"


  1. First one is "super"
    Second one, konjam othukka mudiyala.
    On the whole,nalla concept.

  2. Second story padichutu i was saying "ada paavi"

  3. way to go satish. really enjoyed ur 1 min stories. first one was good & the second one was good but so mean....

  4. I..........think i have read story no2, mebbe from u or from some other source, aint sure. hmm story no1 was hmmm nice. I am being frank :) nice attempts, make them a bit more crisper, and u need to pull those creative strings a teeny weeny bit more

  5. @All - Thanks and I know I need to improve a lot. Keep flowing in your comments and I badly need to improve :)

    @Amrita - I don't know if I have told you this, but to be honest here, that one was one of the very old JOKE I prepared for Humour Club and I staged it as well in 2000 :)

  6. the first on was too gud!! the second...hmm not acceptable

  7. the first one was ok and the second was a bit too far ! couldn't relate!

  8. hey there is a discrepancy in the second story....
    if "little' rohan, thot his father had died, then wasnt he surprised to see him hale and hearty at home the next 5 days, or was his father away at that time???
    then again, ur story dosent mention anything bout his dad!!!

    ps: also, please check for grammatical mistakes.... i always notice such things first!!
    sangeeetha Vijaykumar


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