One Minute Stories - Part 2

I am somewhat obsessed with this concept of writing and the idea for these stories struck my mind at 3:00 AM and I got up, opened my laptop, penned it and then slept. I hope you folks too like it. Please do let me know your sincere comments :)

Do it ...

Shalini was very nervous on that day, her heartbeat was sky rocketing, but she knew that there is no other option other than what she has on mind as she has had enough. If she has to move on in her life, this has to happen. She called Aravind to the spot and she took a pair of gloves and sets of knife, which were actually presented to her by her dad. Aravind who was unaware of what is going to happen agreed to come to the place Shalini asked him to come. Shalini is confused whether to pray before this of come and pray after it is done, she was visibly shivering, but somehow she gathered the strength and told herself that she can do it and she alone can do it. Aravind reached the place 30 minutes in advance and was made to wait and in the mean time Aravind actually slept. Shalini walked in and saw Aravind in deep sleep and she knew that this is the time, she wore her gloves, took her knife set, with her hands shivering miserably, she pierced Aravind's chest in a flash, blood started to pierce out and Shalini ordered "Nurse, take some piece of cotton and check if his pulse rate is in control" and yes, the first heart surgery by cardiologist Shalini started this way.

Compatibility ...

Varun got an urgent call from his village to his US cell phone and that too at the wee hours of the day, it was his mom who was on the other side, she said, "Dad had a major heart attack and you have to come now". Varun a leading nuclear scientist in the US did not know what to do, but he kept his cool, called up his live-in mate Anne and said he has to leave to his country and he will be back in 15 days. Varun reached India and then to his village, just to see his dad lying on the bed with tubes running across all over his body. Later in the day his dad regained consciousness and he called Varun next to him and beside the other side of the bed, Aditi was standing. Varun's dad whispered into his ears saying, he has to marry Aditi now and that is his last wish, Varun was totally against this decision as he always wanted his wife to be a scientist on nuclear research, but he had no choice other than accepting to his dad's wish, hence he married Aditi and his heart was still with Anne.

Both Aditi and Varun came back to the US and Varun continued his relationship with Anne, one fine day Anne called him up and said she is no more interested to live with him and hence moving out of his life. Varun's world came crashing, because he was sure that one day he can marry Anne who is also a leading scientist in his company. Varun was like a zombie for months, but at the same time he felt pity for Aditi, poor girl what mistake she did and why should he punish that village girl. One weekend he decided to take her to a nearby national park which is famous for snakes, Aditi was thrilled and for the first time in her life she wore a JEANS pant and holds her husband's hand in public, which is not the case in their village. Deep inside the jungle when Varun stepped out to take a snap of a hissing rattle snake, before he could focus, that rattle snake bit him hard on his calf muscle and Varun fell down like a dead wood. Aditi did not show any sign of panic, she took out the knife she brought with her to cut fruits, she cut open his wound, sucked all the contaminated blood out, took a cloth and tided it hard above the bitten area to stop the flow and within hours he was rushed to the hospital and the doctors praised the brilliant first-aid work of Aditi which actually saved him. Varun for the first time looked at Aditi with pride, because if he would have married a fellow scientist, he would have died by now. Aditi asked him, what is that you said "Thaaangg que" is that rite ???


  1. First one is superb. I expected something on the lines of vegetables etc, bt ithu sema twist.
    Second one - good, bt does not fall under one min story category, i think more of a normal kind.

  2. First one was good!
    Second too long !

  3. First one is good. Second one is too long and doesnt have the 'twist' that one minute stories are expected to have

  4. 3AM ku murder story maari irukku. Do you have a room mate and did he read the 1st story? :)

  5. It's popular misconception that u can suck the blood along with poison (from the snake bite area)and spit it out....Nevertheless gud attempts mate!! innum punch venum...1 min short stories la IMHO


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