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A Game that needs Oxygen ...

Being a die-hard cricket fan, the recent scandals are really hard to digest and that too I believe that a team like Pakistan has involved in this. To me Pakistan is one team who has this "Never say Die" attitude, they are one unit who I thought plays for the nation and not for anything else. This expose has shocked me and has put up a tough question for myself saying - "Do you still want to be a fanatic of this game?". I am not a person who watches only INDIA matches, I do watch that game played by any country, I appreciate that sport and the kind of talent that game has. When we hear such shocking stories, it pains so much that I have wasted good quality time watching that match, whereas I could have done something better.

PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) were already in a pool of scandals, starting from doping to captaincy issues to attack by terrorists on a visiting cricket team and now with this "Match Fixing" scandal the curtains are almost down for them and I doubt if there would be any match that will be conducted in Pakistan for the forthcoming Cricket World Cup which is being hosted by the Asian giants India, Srilanka and Pakistan. PCB is trying to cover up its ass with the little bit of available clothing and already the shit is drying and drying fast. Every day the British tabloids are printing new evidence and PCB who was once saying that all these are mere "Allegations" are now coming out and saying that "This is unfortunate". I am sure these "Match Fixing" and "Spot Fixing" stuffs wouldn’t have happened without PCB's notice, they are hand-in-glove and I am sure some player is gonna expose that as well.

I once read an interview of a "Bookie", he was asked how and when they will "fix" a match where INDIA is playing and that "Bookie" said, they will never try to "fix" a match until "Sachin" is out, that is the kind of credibility a player should earn for his nation right ? Why doing such shameful act and tarnishing the name of the nation ? I am actually surprised that the Pakistani fans reacted in a very mild way, because I know how they reacted when their team lost to IRELAND in 2007 world cup. With all these hungama happening, what pains the most is, this cricketing world is losing one of the greatest talents of all times in "pace bowling" and that is "Mohammed Aamir", my man what a talent waste he is, the man who rediscovered swing bowling, and the man who is set to conquer the world may never return to the cricket pitch. Salman Butt is such a talented and a stylish left hander and for sure a FAN like me will miss them. Not to miss Mohammed Asif, who is too good to be played on his day.

I hope ICC acts fast on such issues and try to pump in some more oxygen to this already dying game where it is getting choked by this T20's and IPL's. Its time ICC takes a closer look and bring back to us the much loved "TEST CRICKET" that's where the word "TALENT" and "SKILL" is exhibited. ICC if you are reading this post, I want my "TEST CRICKET" back and please stop chocking the GAME and its players. If I have a SON, I would for sure encourage him to play this game and I am sure, we will not let lose this wonderful sport go slip away and lose viewership. I don't want to see the day where CRICKET is played only by two teams and the complete stadium looking absolutely empty. BTW - I am getting sick of IPL and I have no interest in watching IPL 4, as I feel it is becoming to be a BATSMEN oriented game and I don't find a reason why we need a HUMAN to bowl the ball, we can as well keep a "Ball Throw Machine" naa ? GOD SAVE CRICKET and fan's like me as well.

I would like to end this post with a funny tweet – This is Pakistani Radio Sports News, lets first look at tomorrow’s match results – England beat Pakistan by 6 wickets …


  1. No sympathies really for the cheats...just kick them out of the game.

    Hope you enjoyed the terrific 2 tests...excellent cricket all through.


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