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Please don't think that I have gone extremely philosophical after marriage and this post has nothing to do with the change in my marital status, this just struck me today morning when I was at loo and yes that is the time where I do some real quality thinking, that is the time when I have solved so many technical issues at work, that is the time I try to understand and analyze a problem better and yes that is the time I really dedicate to myself. I was wandering in my usual territory of "thinking-in-void" and suddenly I felt that everyone's life is nothing but a pattern, there is nothing that continues for long, or there is nothing one can do to understand or change that pattern. We tend to do something meticulously for a long long time, thinking that we will be doing only that till we hit doom, but unknowingly we change from that and keep doing some other thing and still feel as if we are going to do that till the end, life is funny isn't it ?

Once I used to collect a lot of pebbles, where ever I go, which ever place I visit, I used to pick a pebble of a stone or something from the ground and take it along with me, and I make sure that I wrap them in a paper and write where and when I picked that piece, including date and time. I did this for say some donkey years. If you take friends, every friend you acquire, you always think that he or she is gonna be with you forever and you make sure that you don’t miss them, but time being much powerful than your will and thoughts, it literally drags you away from that person and you start attaching yourself with someone else and still have the same feeling of having them forever, yes, we never learn the lessons life teaches us, we always make the same mistake again and again and hope different result every time. Food habits too follow the same suit, you may be crazy on a food item for ages, and one fine day without your conscience knowing it, you would have forgotten about that and you may not feel like having it again. I was a mad eater of Samosa and I once asked the waiter at TACOBELL if they have SAMOSA in their menu, just to get a nasty stare from him and ended up in teaching him how to make SAMOSA. Now the item I hate the most is also the same SAMOSA

Our habits, our mannerisms, our character, and our status anything you classify falls under a specific pattern right? So what is that one factor which is driving such patterns of life? I know the obvious answer would be "Change", but "Change" is not something which happens on its own, "Change" in turn is derived and driven by us and our sub-conscious mind conveniently ignores to identify the "Change", it in turn mimics and makes us realize that nothing has changed much and it is business as usual. So what made me to scribble this piece of post? I am no more in touch with most of the folks who I once thought are gonna walk with me into the pyre, I no longer play the sport which I thought is gonna be my breadwinner, I no longer have the same food habit, I no longer blog the way I used to, I no longer chat with the folks who I used to chat daily, I am no longer the same ME who I know 20 years back and yes I have crossed so many patters of my life and still think that I have not changed much. This cannot be treated much more than a "Random Ramblings" of my soul, but I will soon come up with few short stories which I have been waiting to complete.


  1. :) Seems like very sensible thots from a well married man :D hehe jokes apart.. thats ok Satish, as long as the changes are good, but then you should also conciously take care to keep the good parts u kno, the friends who were always there for u, some habits like exercising every day,some good foods which even if u dont like, u should should take.
    ur samosa thing reminded me of my quirk, i used to be crazy for fruits, so much so when i was in high school i wanted to get married to a fruit vendor! now i dont have the ahem "time" to eat fruits. but then is tht a good thing? no right? so here i am after some 5 years "Conciously" making "time" to eat fruits. I am skipping the breakfast so i get hungry around 11 ish and am forced to eat a fruit. Aint i a good girl? :)

    yea u have been erratic on blogs, but then how i can i blame neone when i have been no good :(


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