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Its Touching ...

This is one scene which i happened to see in my hometown when i was there during new year and this scene really made me to think how blessed we are and we should thank GOD for keeping us at such a good position inspite of the negativities each of us possess, this scene really shook me very badly and made me to think of so many things in life.

An old women who is visibliy deformed and not in a good shape to walk or move, and also an insane was sitting near a bloody stinking garbage area, which you and i could not inhale even for a second, she had lots of bags around her and also had a diary, with some photographs in it, she was constantly talking to herself and it was quite evident that she was hungry, as she was searching for some food inside that garbage. I actually went to a mess which is very close to my street to buy breakfast for my dad, i was asked to wait for 15 minutes till my parcel is ready, in the meantime i happened to listen to what she was talking, i am writing in the way i heard and hence the language will be of a different tone.

"En paiyan tea vaangiyaara ponaan, innum varalayae, naasthaa thunaama vayaru valikudhu, paavam en mavan vera 3 naala naasthaa thunaala, avan vandhaa avanuku teayum bun nu vaangi kudukanum, avan vandhuduvan, inga thaan pooirukuraan, ammaa pasikudhae, en pullaiku tea vaangi kuduka kooda kaasu illa indha paavi kitta, krisnaa, seekaram vaa pa, ammaa unukaaga inganavae kundhikunu keeran, emmaa neram delay pannara nee" now all of a sudden she laughs to herself, takes that dairy out of her bag and looks at a photograph, i too happend to saw that and its a photo of a guy aged 20 to 25 years, i assume that should be her son, she carefuly keeps that diary inside her bag and looks constantly at the street corner, and again started to talk the exact same sentence which you just read without any change, and her actions goes into a loop, this is what she was doing all the time. All of a sudden she started to weep "ammaa romba pasikudhae, en pullaiku pasikumae, vaangi saapada dhuttu illayae indha paavi kitta, nee kavala padaadha kannu, amma engayaachu poi unuku naasthaa suttu ethaaraen" she gets up and stands there for a while and then sits down and started to talk.

Well, for you and i this might just be a pathetic scene, but just put ourself in her shoes, doesn't it sound terrible ? Who knows what kind of a trauma she would have underwent ? What could have pushed her on the roads ? Why is she waiting for a son who is not going to return for ever ? This incident struck a big nail into my head saying, LIFE IS SO UNCERTAIN, then why the hell i am worrying about my hike, my promotion, my bank balance etc etc, afterall it wont take seconds for FATE to push me onto the road, and this same satish who is too choosy on food and who wastes a lot of food and who has a very strict list of favourites which he will eat, can be made to starve for days like this poor old women. May be this is an eye-opener for me to understand life much better and correct myself from the current stand. My heart really goes out for that mother who was worrying about her son's hunger inspite of she starving for days, wowwwwww, MOTHER's are always special, though i was not blessed to be with my mom, i could sense the kind of affection a mom has on her kids.

After seeing all these if i still walk out of that mess with a parcel for my family, GOD will not forgive me, so i ordered 3 plates of IDLY and took that parcel to that mother and gave her that packet, you should have seen the happiness on her face, she literally blessed me that i should live longer, even if i go to 100s of temples i will not get such a blessing, i really felt happy and prayed to GOD that her son should come back to her very soon.



  1. It was a touching one.It is not enough if you take this resolution,even the restauranters should also take a resolution that they give provide hygenic/edible food.


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