PETS – Please Execute Those Stupids

Let me start by saying that I am not a follower or a supporter of Ms. Menaka Gandhi

I really don’t understand why people wish to have a PET at their home ? Do they think that they are some sort of “Entertainment” to them ?, For all those who have the idea of owning a PET just for the heck of it, please, please, please don’t have a PET. They are also a living thing in this world that do have equal amount of feelings, attachment, expectation, anger, love and affection as we all humans have. I just can’t stand people who own pets and treat them like a piece of shit.PETS are no symbol for social status.

I live in an apartment and a not to be named neighbour has a cute little labrador dog, and if one day my nerves break, I bet you, that neighbour will not be in this world. He treats that creature as a non-living thing. He always makes him sleep outside his house, whether it be a chilling cold or a furious rain, that poor creature will have to accept and agree. He will be served ONLY with what was left over a day before and that too not filling for his stomach. If I try to give something to that cute little one, he shouts as if I will give him a poison. I too know how to give him something when that idiot is not around, and I do that. He has never been taken around for a walk and he is made to pee whereever he wants to and if by mistake it pee’s in the corridor, he gets severe beatings and sometime he is beaten with bamboo sticks too. You can clearly see a river of tear mark running below his cheeks, and his eyes will always be watery, poor guy certainly deserves a better life, for him its really a “Dog’s life” out there. I wish I could have been his master.

I wonder whether that guy is a human in the first place, he himself looks like a dracula and how can we expect a dracula to be kind to a DOG ?. I am planning to take this very seriously and I will be reporting to Blue Cross about this very soon and make sure that guy is behind bar’s atleast for a week, for people who wonder why I am so against that guy is, he is also a K*******A. I hate them you see. Dialing BLUE CROSS now …


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