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Pissed Off ...

I don’t know, I am slowly losing my patience day by day and especially since I have started driving in Bangalore. I just could not believe that the government of karnataka has got absolutely no sense whatsoever. There is this great division called BBMP (Bangalore B(not sure what this means) Mahanagara Palike), believe me guys, the folks who are working in this division are a bunch of jokers and fools. I seriously wanted to find the person who designed the bus stops in this f***ing city. You can find bus stops every possible place where you would not have imagined that they can have bus stops, Just when the road turns you will find one, Right in the center of a T junction you will find one, Just before you see the fly over ramping up you will find one, Right in the middle of a fly over (on the top) you can see bloody signal and a bus stop. Have you ever seen a signal right in the middle of a fly over ?? come to this irritating city Bangalore ...

BBMP is actually a place where idiots are being recruited, I would say most of the infrastructure goof-ups in this city are because of that department. Actually you can conduct a contest saying if someone finds one single road in Bangalore without a dent of a hole, they can win 1 crore. The bus drivers are another bunch of senseless idiots, you are driving a 20 ft long bloody bus and you should see the mirror they have fixed on that bus, it is just a small one which is just 2X2 inch, GOD only knows what the hell the driver can see in that. Those busses do not have any indicators, so you can never know to which direction he will turn until he turns, and these drivers have a very peculiar sign of putting indicator, the driver just peeps out his fore finger, you should be extremely sighted to notice that.

Coming to the roads, tell me this guys, there is a main road which has heavy traffic flowing in from morning 9 AM to evening 7 PM, what should the government do to repair that road or tar that road ?? They should do that when the traffic is less right ?? In Chennai, the roads or laid or repaired in the mid night when the traffic is minimal, here in Bangalore, this useless BBMP folks will come into that road with a huge road roller and then the will block half the side of the road and you know what ?? there won’t be any signs saying that the road is repaired you have to go near that and then the rest is left to your fate, you have to find your way out to get out of that mess. Can't they put any sign boards ?? Another interesting thing which you all should know, You may leave your house in the morning, the roads by which you travel will be fine, but evening when you return, you can find a big ditch on one of the road which you have to take, and the beauty is, you cannot go home without crossing that ditch, you have to park your car and walk all the way to your house.

With the amount of traffic that is flowing into this city day by day, BBMP has absolutely no clue of how to improve this infra and people who are living here for a long long time, have become bricks and they are used to all these nuisance and they just practiced to live with that. After me spending 5 years in this city, I am not able to tolerate all these anymore, I wish I go back to Chennai and live a peaceful life. I don’t know when GOD is going to take me back to Chennai. I think I will become an animal, if I continue to live in this HELL. BBMP officials have to realize that, they are screwing this city and making it as un safe as possible for its citizens. God save Bangalore and Bangaloreans.


  1. Hahaha, can see your frustration man. Dont worry would move to Chennai soon. But, trust me i have seen Bangalore 15 yrs back and i wished all cities were like this(including Chennai). It's a shame that a beautiful city is mutilated beyond recognition...Probably it's due to the mentality of the people there too, who are nicely making money with very part of their house by renting them. I hope someday Chennai doesnt become like this.

  2. Hm... all valid points you have here!!

  3. BBMP is Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palika :D

    hmm can understand ur worries ... but Bangalore is stiffled, it has no way to grow and its an extremely unplanned city. I wish the money being siphoned into yet another mall could be used to improve basic infrastructure...
    and make a move to ur beloved Chennai fasssssssst "D


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