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My Favourite Lyrics ...

Music and Songs were always my one source of entertainment and there were songs which touched my heart, made me cry, made me fly as well, but there are few lyrics in various songs which really made a direct impact to my life and I would say, they played a major role in molding myself and I would like to list the top 10 lyrics which touched my life and my heart ...

10. This song is from "மறுபடியும்" and it starts like this "எல்லோரும் சொல்லும் பாட்டு ..." and the best lyrics of this song is this

நாயகன் மேலிருந்து நூலினை ஆட்டுகின்றான்
நாமெல்லாம் பொம்மை என்று நாடகம் காட்டுகின்றான்
மானிடன் ஜாதகம் இறைவனின் கையிலே
தயக்கங்கள் நேர்வதில்லை தெளிந்தவர் நெஞ்சிலே ...

God is having the string in his hand and he is exhibiting a drama as if we are all mere dolls.
Our fate is all in his hands
There is no confusion in a heart which is clear

This song talks about the essence of life, it clearly says that we are all string dolls to GOD and he is the one who controls us, our fate is decided by him and once you believe in him and hand over your life to him, you will not have any confusions in your mind.

9. This song is from "நிழல்கள்" and the song starts like this "பொன் மாலை பொழுது ..." and this is Vairamuthu's first song ...

வானம் எனக்கொரு போதி மரம்
நாளும் எனக்கது செய்தி தரும்
ஒரு நாள் உலகம் நீதி பெரும்
திருநாள் நிகழும் செய்தி வரும்
பூமரங்கள் சாமரங்கள் வீசாதோ

Sky is a Bodhi tree to me
It gives me ideas everyday
One day this world will be perfect
That news will be heard one day
Won’t the flower trees blow the gentle wind

The author says that the entire sky is like a bodhi tree to him, the tree which gave the great Buddha the knowledge and he says that sky is giving him new ideas every day and one day this world would change, here the world means, his own world where the hero aspires to be a singer in the movie and he expects that day would come soon and all the trees will sprinkle flowers on him with a gentle breeze of wind ...

8. This song is from "பயணங்கள் முடிவதில்லை" and the song starts like this "இளைய நிலா பொழிகிறதே ..."

முகிலினங்கள் அலைகிறதே முகவரிகள் தொலைந்தனவோ
முகவரிகள் தவறியதால் அழுதிடுமோ அது மழையோ
நீல வானிலே வெள்ளி ஓடைகள்
போடுகின்றதே என்ன ஜாடைகள்
விண்வெளியில் விதைத்து யார் நவமணிகள் ...

Clouds are roaming as if they have lost the address
since they have lost the address and their cries is what is Rain ?
Silver streams in the blue sky
showing different resemblances ...
Who sowed the navarathna's in the space ?

This is an excellent piece of imagination, the writer says, that clouds are running here and there as if they have lost the address of where they want to go and just because they lost their address they start crying and do we call that as rain ? This clearly indicates the creativity of the writer and the way he has observed rain.

7. This song is from the movie "May Maadham" and the song starts like this "மின்னலே நீ வந்ததேனடி ..."

பால் மழைக்கு காத்திருக்கும் பூமி இல்லையா
ஒரு பண்டிகைக்கு காத்திருக்கும் சாமி இல்லையா
வார்த்தை வர காத்திருக்கும் கவின்ஞன் இல்லையா
நான் காத்திருந்தால் காதல் இன்னும் நீளும் இல்லையா
கண்ணீரில் தீ வளர்த்து காத்திருக்கிறேன்
உன் காலடி தளத்தில் நான் பூத்திருக்கிறேன் ...

Isn’t the earth waiting for a good rain ?
Isn’t the god waiting for a festival
Isn’t there a poet who waits for his words
If I wait, won’t that extend my love ?
I am waiting by growing fire in my tears
I am budding on your footsteps ...

This is a wonderful piece where a guy justifies his wait for his love he is comparing his wait with the rain, the god, the poet and he feels that the more he waits, the more his love would grow, he is waiting for her with tears rolling over his cheeks like fire.

6. This song is from the movie "Muthu" and this piece was penned to utmost perfection where it slaps hard on the face of evey human being ...

மண்ணின் மீது மனிதனுக்காசை
மனிதன் மீது மண்ணுக்காசை
மண் தான் கடைசியில் ஜெயிக்கிறது
அதை மனம் தான் உணர மறுக்கிறது
கையில் கொஞ்சம் காசு இருந்தால், நீ தான் அதற்க்கு எஜமானன்
கழுத்து வரைக்கும் காசு இருந்தால் அது தான் உனக்கு எஜமானன்

Human is fond of soil
Soil is fond of human
But soil is what which wins at the last
And our heart refuses to accept that
If you have little amount of money, you can be its owner
But if you have money up to your neck that will be your owner ...

All of us are crazy in buying lands and properties and we are so much in love with that, at the same time, soil is fond of us, when we die we are buried under that, without realizing this ultimate fact, we still go crazy in buying properties for acres and we are not ready to accept that fact as well. More money is more trouble is what these lines say

5. This is from the movie "அபூர்வ சகோதரர்கள்" and the song is "உன்ன நெனச்சேன் பாட்டு படிச்சேன் ..."

கண்ணிரெண்டில் நான்தான் காதெலெனும் கோட்டை
கட்டி வைத்து பார்த்தேன், அதனையும் ஓட்டை,
கொட்டும் மழை காலம் உப்பு விற்க போனேன்
காற்றடிக்கும் நேரம் மாவு விற்க போனேன்
தப்பு கணக்கை போட்டு தவிச்சேன் தங்கமே ஞான தங்கமே
பட்டபிறகே புத்தி தெளிஞ்சேன் தங்கமே ஞான தங்கமே

I had constructed a love fort in my eyes
After construction I realized that it is full of holes
Rainy season I sold salt
Windy season I sold flour
I did wrong calculation
Then realized my mistake ...

This song actually one of the most touching "Love Failure" songs which I have heard off, Kamal after realizing that his love is not actually love he sings this song, this was so beautifully penned in a fashion were he says what all mistakes he did, like he went to sell salt during rainy season which eventually will dilute the salt, he sells flour during a windy season, the comparison was simply top notch ...

4. This song is from the movie - "மன்னன்" and the song starts like this "அம்மாஎன்றழைக்காத உயிரில்லையே ..."

பசுந்தங்கம் புது வெள்ளி மாணிக்கம் மணி வைரம்
அவையாவும் ஒரு தாய்க்கு ஈடாகுமா
விலை மீது விலை வைத்து கேட்டாலும் கொடுத்தாலும்
கடைதன்னில் தாய் அன்பு கிடைக்காதம்மா
ஈரைந்து மாதங்கள் கருவோடு எனைத்தாங்கி நீபட்ட பெரும்பாடு அறிவேனம்மா
அடுத்திங்கு பிறப்பொன்று அமைந்தாலும்
நானுந்தன் மகனாக பிறக்கின்ற வரம் வேண்டுமே

Pure gold, new silver, bead diamond
all these cannot equate a mother
how much ever you bargain, you cannot get
a mother love on stores
I know the pain you underwent when holding me in your womb for 10 months
if there would be a next birth, I want to be your son once again ...

I don’t think any other poet other than the great Vaali could have produced this masterpiece lyric, I am sure these lyrics would have brought tears in everyone who listens to this song. If there could be a song which can describe the value of a mother, I don’t think there is any song which is in near comparison to this. The song which touched me in every possible aspect and the song which lingers in my heart forever.

3. This song is from the movie "கண்டுகொண்டேன் கண்டுகொண்டேன்" and the song starts like this "எங்கே எனது கவிதை ..."

மாலை அந்திகளில் மனதின் சந்துகளில்
தொலைந்த முகத்தை மனம் தேடுதே
வெயில் தார் உருகும் நகர வீதிகளில்
மையல் கொண்டு மனம் வாடுதே
மேகம் சிந்தும் இரு துளியின் இடைவெளில்
துருவி துருவி உன்னை தேடுதே
உடையும் நுரைகளிலும் தொலைந்த காதலனை
உருகி உருகி மனம் தேடுதே ...

Evening dawn, gaps between my hearts
Mind is searching for the lost face
Roads where sun is melting the tar
My mind is centered and worrying
In between the gap two rain drops
I am searching hard
On the bursting bubbles too
I am searching for my lost lover ...

This song is simply excellent for variety of things, Chitra's voice, ARR's music and Aishwarya Rai of course. The song tells how a girl is searching for her lover and how far she misses him in her life the amount of imagination Vairamuthu has given to the lyrics is simply hair-raising, the creativity in the way he has explained the pain is simply out of the world. The line which says that she is searching for her lover in between the gaps of two rain drops is my fav.

2. This song is from the movie "புதிய முகம்" and the song is "கண்ணுக்கு மை அழகு ..."

இளமைக்கு நடை அழகு
முதுமைக்கு நரை அழகு
கள்வர்ர்க்கு இரவழகு
காதலர்க்கு நிலவழகு
நிலவுக்கு கரை அழகு
பறவைக்கு சிறகழகு
அவ்வைக்கு கூனழகு
அன்னைக்கு சேய் அழகு

Walk is beautiful for young
Silver hair is beautiful for old
Night is beautiful for thieves
Moon is beautiful for lovers
Stain is beautiful for moon
Hunch is beautiful for Avvai (the tamil poet)
Baby is beautiful for mom

The whole song itself is a beauty and I was debating if I have to put the entire song, but if I have to make a choice, I would want to choose this piece of lyrics, ah what a masterpiece writing is this, though this may sound simple when you hear, but if you dig to the truth of these lines, then you would appreciate the versatility the writer has in this skills, it is our one and only Vairamuthu and a hats off to this song ...

1. This song is from the movie "வேலைக்காரன்", lot of you folks may have this as a surprise, yes, it is this piece of lyrics which I always humm and this lyric is something which I felt is the KING of ALL when it comes to exaggerating things, writing a poem is all about creativity right ? and this song tops my list. The song starts like this "வா வா வா வா கண்ணா வா ..."

வானில் காணும் வானவில்லின் வண்ணம் ஏழு வண்ணமோ
தோகை உந்தன் தேகம் கூட மேகமாக மின்னுமோ
காணும் இந்த பூக்கள் மேலே காயம் என்ன காயமோ
கார்ச்சலங்கையோடு வண்டு பாடிச்சென்ற மாயமோ
நூறு நூறு தீபமாய், வானில் அன்று கார்த்திகை
வாழும் காதல் சின்னமாய், மாறும் எங்கள் யாத்திரை ...

The rainbow that is there in the sky is it of 7 colors ?
Girl, your body too glitters like that sky
what is the reason for all these flowers being hurt ?
Is it becoz a bee with a musical chain on his leg sang over them ?
Hundreds of lamps shine in the sky as like "Kaarthigai" (festival of lights)
Let this journey be termed as emblem of love

This song beats all the barriers for creative thinking and especially in the line where it says the reason for why the flowers got hurt, wowww, what an imagination and I know my translation cannot be apt when I say it in English (My English is also bad), but when I heard this lyric for the first time, I was baffled with the way the poet has imagined and this is one song which my lips will always murmur and especially this line.

I know there are 1000s of songs like this and if you feel you have a song which you feel that is simply great, please share that with me, post a comment here. Thanks for reading this ...


  1. My all time fave songs:

    1.கண்ணே கலைமானே
    2.எவனோ ஒருவன் யாசிக்கிறான்
    3.நினைத்து நினைத்து பார்த்தேன்
    4.ஒராயிரம் பார்வையிலே
    5.காதல் ரோஜாவே
    6.பொட்டுவைத்த ஒரு வட்டநிலா
    7.நறுமுகையே நறுமுகையே
    8.பூங்காத்து திரும்புமா
    9.ராசாத்தி உன்ன காணாத நெஞ்சு
    10.கடவுள் தந்த அழகிய வாழ்வு

    இன்னும் பல.

  2. excellent ones nilarasigan says how many more can we list....each one is special...

    1) idhu kuzandai paadum thalatu
    2) veedu varai uravu
    3) deivam thandha veedu
    4) yuthathai niruthu..(bit song from bombay)
    5) un kutha ma yen kuthama..

    to name a few...lots more

  3. i think the first song is from the film marubadiyum... btw the list is good thou my all time fav is "germaniyin senthen malare"

  4. Thogai ( Nedil ThO), Feathers have become Money ( You have written thogai). Also, the beauty of Velaikkaran song is IRji's Music. This Pallavi would completely have a Western Orchaestration with Base guitar, Drums etc and the moment he switches to " kalidasan kaana vendum" it is perfect Indian Classical Instruments with Mridangam, Gatam and Veenai. Again he switches back to a fusion in " Vaa Vaaa Vaa".. Hail Raja :)


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