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Before even I start, let me tell you guys that I am not an atheist, I am a strong believer of GOD and I know there is nothing great in this world than GOD. That being said, I would like to tell you all that there are something called GHOSTS, DEMONS, DIABOLICAL, AND THE DARK, oh yaa these are the various forms of afterlife and how I got to know about all these ? Yes, I watched this series called "A Haunting" which was originally broadcasted on "Discovery" channel and now available as a complete archive on the web. Human mind does not believe most of the things unless or until it encounters it, and that is very much true when it comes to believing the existence of these paranormal powers and for folks who thought "Evil Dead" and "Exorcist" were mere cooked up horror stories, just hold on, those are real and there are evil spirits who actually show up with those gory looks. It is not that the director of those movies has cooked up such horrible faces out of his imagination ...

I too was reluctant to believe the existence of such things when I started to watch this series, but the amount of information and the kind of videos and interviews they show to us, would make anyone believe that those evil forces do exist. That program interviews the actually people who lived in that house and who faced the wrath of those evil forces and how did they manage to get rid of them and return to peace. There are episodes where the family was forcibly driven out of the house by those dark forces and they never allowed anyone to come and live in that house, so some evil forces really do pose a challenge to the ultimate super power GOD, and one thing which we all have to accept is, like GOD, DEMON's are equally powerful, they do possess all the power to destroy anything. First let us understand how such forces do live with us in this society, and it does not need any rocket science brain to understand that, it is simple psychology, people who have had un-natural death, people who have un-full filled dreams, people who die with vengeance all come back to earth as dark forces.

GHOSTS are the primary and the low category sprits they are mostly humans who come to haunt the living as they have some un-finished business left, and the most worrying thing is, they do not know that they are dead and when we try to occupy a house of invade their land, they tend to get angry and become wild and that is quite natural. They do possess un imaginable power than what they used to have when they were alive, they travel faster than light and they walk through walls etc etc. Ghosts are of two types, they are physical and energy driven, physical ghosts have human characteristics, they will be like us, and they are humans who have died, the energy driven ghosts do not have a physical appearance but they are in the form of light. I saw one episode in "A Haunting" where a family constantly hears the cry of a new born baby all thru the night  though they don't have a baby at home, so that baby ghost was not a physical, it came as a light. A psychic healer came to that place and she helped that innocent baby ghost to go past this earthly life and take the space which is there for the afterlife. GHOSTS can be harmful as well as harmless to a family. Good ghosts are called the "Guiding Sprits" and the bad ones are called "Evil Spirits" they do torture others.

DEMONS - They are the next powerful level of the paranormal world, they are more like masters who in turn control many angry ghosts under them. Demons are usually believed to have been lived few 100 years ago, they are the ones who always wanted to create havoc into anyone's life that comes in their way. Here comes a very important proven information about DEMONS which for many non-believers it may be hard to digest, but it is true, Demons have the ability to follow, in the sense, by mistake if you happen to step into a house which is guarded by a demon, you are caught in a trap and that trap is not that easy to get yourself off. Demons generally control all the angry ghosts and literally create havoc in a family. In one of the episode, a Demon took control of an entire family and all the ghosts which came under his belt tormented the family to the most and as a result they have to lose one of their loved ones. A demon literally smothered an old lady on her bed, with no one around, a pillow covered her face and she was dead, and this was caught in a camera. You cannot run away from a DEMON, if you change your house, they just follow you and there is no end to that chain. It is very difficult to get rid of a demon, but I will not say it is impossible.

DIABOLICAL - They are far far powerful than a DEMON, they control many DEMONS under them, if a house is haunted by a DIABOLICAL, it is NOT at all possible by any GOD force to kick them out. These diabolical have those ugly and scary faces, and yes they do look horrifying. A DIABOLICAL has all powers to rip a human apart, and the beauty of a DIABOLICAL is, they don't harm your physically, they harm you mentally, they create rifts between husband and wife, daughter and mother, father and son, it basically rips the family apart by injecting mental torture, they do things which agitate people mentally. In one of the episode where they interviewed a family which was haunted by a DIABOLICAL, it was hair-raising to even see that episode. The DIABOLICAL used to change food to poison, it changes noodles to a pack of lizards and the beauty is, only the person eating that would see lizards and no one else can see that. They literally make a man go mad. Diabolical love kids, they never allow kids to sleep, they make them play with them all thru the night and they make them forget what happened to them the next morning. If it is fate that we have to step into the space of a DIABOLICAL we are more like dead.

DARK - As the name suggest they are the DARKEST evil forces that exists in this real world. They do not have any form or shape or size, they can take any form or shape or size they wanted to. Even the leading churches across the world have given up driving the DARK out of a house, they harm even the priests so badly. In one of the episodes where a priest walks into a house to bless that place where a DARK resides, he was given a nice hammering on his head with an axe, and there goes the priest running out of the house with excess bleeding. DARK forces are very difficult to fathom, you could literally see a DARK smoke going around your house and that means you are dead. They emits constant stench of blood and rotten flesh all thru the house. In an episode which I saw yesterday, that family was constantly getting a stench of a dead body, foul rotten smell all thru the house, and nothing could get rid of that smell, the beauty is, only the folks who live in that house got that stench and not to anyone who comes from outside. DARK forces kill people and they are the real bad evil.

Ok, now let us look at this from a psychology angle, these paranormal powers are also once humans who were so loving and caring for their dear ones, some baby ghosts just haunt a house just because that house has a kid and a mother, so that they can play with them, those ghosts throng for love and affection which they did not get when they lived. In one of the episodes the room where a baby sleeps will always be cold, and they used to witness some abnormal incidents like all the toys in that baby room scattered all over the place, an automatic battery operated toy setting it on, on its own, the cradle of the baby is constantly been swinging all the time, all these are indications of a thronging ghost who needs your attention. In that episode what happened was, the family consulted a psychic healer, they called her home, they bought variety of toys and goodies for that child ghost to play, they recited prayers to help that baby ghost to go to the next world and the spine chilling truth is, that baby ghost took all the toys and eatables along with him when he left that place. I know it’s hard to believe such incidents unless you face it, but there are certain things in life which we need to just digest and not research too much.

We all believe in GOD rite ? Have we seen GOD ? Then how do we believe him that he exists ? Similarly we have to believe the existence of those paranormal powers, with the help of GOD we can overcome their torture and can help them pass this world. There are so many known psychic healers and paranormal investigators around the world, and we have to trust them, they are some people who can sense those paranormal powers and they actually act as medium to get them over to their space where they should have gone after death. There are various books on witchcraft and never ever attempt to try those on your own curiosity, they are dangerous. One episode covered a story like this where a man goes to a library and picks up a book and witchcraft and started reciting the names of some holy sprits and actually he invited a demon to his house and the aftermath he and his family has to undergo after doing that was something which I cannot explain here. I am not saying that GHOSTS do exist everywhere, I am saying that, we humans at times step into their space and then try to disturb them and that's when the fury begins.

I leave it to my readers to judge whether they really do exist or not, but I strongly believe that there is something called "after life" and we just have to accept it and make sure that we don't step on that. In INDIA there are many such incidents but our Vedas and mantras are so damn strong that they destroy any evil existence and it is not a question of belief whether they exist or not, the answer is a straight YES to it. I personally do NOT recommend any of my readers to go and watch those episodes online and I don't stand responsibility of any mental or physical trauma that you may undergo after seeing that. For folks who really wanted to have a sneak peak of what I am talking here, please visit the following link at your own discretion.

A Haunting


  1. Satish,
    I have watched a few of these episodes on Discovery and it is pretty unnerving!!!
    Well- my take- as long as u do a ganapathy homam/sudarshana homam at your house- u r all set!
    Our homams are so damn powerful and cleansing!!
    Fingers crossed of course to that comment!!!! :) :)

  2. I haven't read your blog but if you believe in ghosts etc. please send some to some of our enemies. These enemies are those who plague our peaceful living.

  3. I believe in ghosts as I have experienced in my early stages of pregnancy, my m-i-l, b-i-l, and my brother experienced the same. Only thing was it would take the form of opposite sex, for me it was a male ghost or spirit, for my bro it was a female in white.

    later we came to know some people have committed suicide in the house where we stayed.


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