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Fan or Fanatic ?

Come-on guys, let's give a break. We all would have spoken about this, debated about this, argued about this, left it as it is about this for ages now but again and again we choose to pick the same topic and keep continuing to dig the same hole again and again. I am talking about the reactions of the citizens, media and the ex-cricketers of this country whenever INDIA performs badly at a big stage. I strongly support the Men in Blue and I will not accept anything that is going to tarnish their image. Guys see this as a game, I know every INDIAN is emotionally attached to this sport and so do I. There is a subtle difference between a "Fanatic" and a "Fan" of this sport. Fanatic is one who always believes that his team is the best and would not agree anything other than a victory for his team, but a Fan is someone who appreciates the sport for the way it is being played, irrespective of how the team he supports performs. Let’s all be a Fan and not a Fanatic...

What made me to write this post is, I was watching a debate program on one of the news channels, and we all know and understand that Indian news media is more like a prostitute, they just need flesh and they don't worry where that flesh comes from. News channels in INDIA are the most shameless parasites this country has ever seen, they feed on anything and everything. When the INDIAN cricket team does well, they boast as if the motivation messages sent thru their channel alone helped in the success of team's performance, and the same fucking news channel will rip them apart (like what they do today) if they perform bad. So coming back to the topic, the debate had a panel of ex-cricketers of INDIA like Kapil Dev, Bhishan Singh Bedi and Azharuddin, I do not mean any offence of those legendary cricketers, they were truly the best in the sport during their times, but what hurts me is, they should not come out in public and slam the INDIAN team, just because they did not perform well in the T20 WC.

These people are the ones who were there in that business for a long time, they know very well that a single day can change prospects for any top performing team, one over, one wicket, one six, one drop catch can change the course of the game, so it is totally unfair to suspect the commitment of the boys to this country. No individual walks into the pavilion to lose and I am sure everyone understands that, they are giving their 100%, at times it clicks, at times it fails. Blaming IPL for this debacle is also unfair, IPL has certainly helped to discover new talents and it is up to the selectors to pick them up into the squad. Cricket as a sport is so damn simple to talk and stunningly difficult to play, you and I can argue saying that they are "International" players, they should know the trick of the game, it is easier said than done, every ground is different, every opponent is different, every bowler is different in every over of his own, with so much variance, one cannot blame the players if they failed to perform in a tournament.

The same Kapil Dev, Azhar and Bedi too have been on the losing side million times, they too have grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory so many times, we were screaming then as well, and they were ignoring their seniors who were slamming them. I still remember a remark of Sunil Gavaskar for the comment passed by Pataudi on INDIAN team after their miserable loss against the mighty windies at the Caribbean, Sunny quoted - "It may be very easy to face Joel and Malcom in front of your TV sets with a popcorn on hand, but it’s a different ball game in when you see them in person", so even players like Sunny Gavaskar had up's and down's in their career, but we are not ready to mould a Raina or a Rohit Sharma or a Ojha to make mistakes and learn from that, we always wanted them to perform from the word go and is that not too much for an asking ? Just put yourself in their shoes, how will you feel when your company asks you to complete a project within one week from the day you joined ?? How smart you may be, it is still pressure and it is still difficult.

Lets back-up the boys, and support them with some encouraging words, lets motivate them, they are a bunch of highly talented folks, let’s not de-motivate them with our comments, after all they are our boys who play for our country. Remember guys, this is the same team which has given so many numerous happy occasions, this is the same team which has performed beyond the expectations of every citizen of this county. I know I am also an emotional idiot and lose my cool when I watch them losing (My Tweets are the evidence), but I forget it the next moment, and still back the boys, I am sure they will bounce back, let us first give them enough break, let them take some good rest before they fly to Zimbabwe. Take this as a sport and behave like a FAN and not like a FANATIC. Go INDIA Go, you have the support of this billion fans whenever you step on to the field.


  1. We can think of all these probably 2-3 days later...when u see them perform like the way u did (with all Demi God status they have in the country not to mention the money they bath with) can't stop bashin them mate..I am sure when they do well we all give them more than wat they shud let them take this too....This is India....

    P.S: Only GOD (SACHIN) is beyond all this :-)

    P.P.S: Dhoni's luck ran out....hope he doesnt run out of luck in tests n ODIs for India will lose rankings too...

    P.P.S: Need a break now big comment...


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