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Death for Kasab ?? ...

I am not a supporter of a terrorist so please do not interpret this post in that sense. So at last Kasab has been given the "death" sentence and the entire nation celebrated as if "Khamsa" was killed by "Krishna", as I always used to say, INDIA is a very emotionally sensitive country, we always have the tendency to over react and that over reaction wud just be like a fizz out of the opened soda bottle, be it 26/11 attack, Arushi murder case, Nithaari killings, Stamp paper scam, now the latest 3G spectrum tamaasha, we always react proactively, this Kasab case is no different from an emotionally uproar by a nation. I am not saying that what Kasab did is absolutely right, of course I too have a heart and I too wanted to see him hanging on the rope with his eyes and tongue popping out, but I really do not understand the whole point in executing Kasab ? He has done all the damage, he has achieved what he intended to do, and he is mentally prepared that he is going to die and he does not want to plead guilty, so what are we achieving out of this verdict ? Are we gonna get those lost lives back ? Do we have the guts to say that after Kasab is killed there won’t be any terrorist attacks ? Do we feel a sense of security if this trial is over ? What is the end result of this case ? What is that we have learnt out of this case ? The answers for these questions are a "Big Blank Stare" ...

Let’s forget that Kasab is a terrorist who killed so many innocent lives for a minute. You and I are sitting inside an air-conditioned chamber, earning a handsome ransom every month, have 3 course meals a day, have very good shelter and clothing to protect ourselves, in short you and I are not the ones who are at the mercy of our government, do you guys agree that ? Have you ever been made to wait under a hot sun for hours together in a ration queue just to get your monthly provision ? Have you ever been to a government hospital to wait in the mortuary section to get the body of your loved ones ? Have you ever been applied for a job via this government employment exchange office ? Have you ever been to a police station to file a complaint for a missing individual of a family ? Have you ever been to a panchaayat office in your village to get the top quality grains for your fields ? Have you ever been to a collector office to get your petition submitted ? I am sure we "white-collared" professionals wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see those ugliest institutions of this country. A terrorist is a person who creates havoc and kills people in one single day, but our government officers and politicians kill so many innocent people daily, they curb their basic amenities and needs, they exploit their situation and demand the unexpected from them, are they not equal to 1000s of Kasab's ?? What are we going to do about them ?

I can hear what you are thinking about me now, you always write things which are against our politicians, what are you doing to stop all these ?? you are no different from an "arm-chair cribber", you are no different from a street dog who gets beaten in one street and runs to the other street and bark, what the hell you do to bring in a change to this corrupted society, I COMPLETELY AGREE with your allegations, I without any shame accept the fact that I am also a mute spectator of all the atrocities that happen around me in this wonderful nation. I may not create a major impact with my deeds or actions, but I am doing a bit possible from my side which at least gives me some satisfaction that I don’t add up to the list of spineless people who merely bark, but at the same time, I know this is not enough to bring the glitter back to my wonderful country. Coming back to the topic, when we are so obsessed to get Kasab the death sentence, we should also feel the reality that killing Kasab is not even going to give the families who were affected by his killings. These knee-jerk reactions will only feed the hungry media who is waiting to capture anything and everything on their channels, and nothing effective will happen for this country.

Punishments should be instant, but that is not the case in INDIA, I read a report today morning on the newspaper that Kasab is the 51st person waiting in the queue to be hanged and that queue cannot be altered as per the judicial system, the first guy in that queue has been convicted in 1988 for murdering 6 people in the same family, so it has been 21 years now and still he has not been hanged, the government is feeding him nutritious food every day, they have now recently started to give non-veg food one day in a week, they have allowed to put 1 fan per cell, so the government is taking extreme care of the criminals who are not paying a penny of tax and they treat all the other citizens like a piece of shit where he has to pay 12 rupees extra for every 100 rupees he spends, up and above he pays income tax. I am very sure that Kasab will not be hanged for another 5 years, I am saying this if his lawyer is not appealing the case to high court and supreme court, I am sure delays will always be there every stage, moreover our criminal minded politicians may even pardon Kasab saying that will strengthen the Indo-Pak relationship and in turn they will get Sarobjith back to India who has been awaiting the axe for almost 8 years now, and his mercy petition is sitting on Zardari's table for a long time now.

I recently read an article in "Junior Vikatan" where they have covered an article of how a government employee who words at the PWD in Ramanathapuram district and he stood by the laws and denied getting bribe from a local MLA who forced him to change a plot plan so that his ground area can be widened, he in fact went to the extent where he asked that guy to forge certain government documents and grab the land of the surrounding plots. This employee showed resistance and paid heavy price for that. That local, MLA who has all money power and rowdy's power, barged into that guys house in the night, gang raped his wife in front of him, took video of that rape, and went off. Just imagine the trauma he and his wife have to undergo just because he wanted to do his duty. To me that MLA is more dangerous than Kasab, what are we going to do with him ?? The local police station refused to take complaint on that rape, they have advised the couple to keep quiet and not give a complaint as that may prove dangerous for their lives. Where is democracy in this country ? Everywhere there is a loophole, every fucking MLA to MP is corrupt, do you all still feel happy that KASAB got death sentence ?? We have more dangerous people in our country who have the power (given by us) to ruin our life more badly than what 100 Kasab's can do. Think INDIA Think ...


  1. IMO - the whole trial itself is a waste - when it was beyond doubt. The crux should be dealt with rather spending crores of rupees for the trial. By crux, i mean the elements behind them. IMHO, death sentence vida life imprisonment(not x no.of years bt literally) would be the best punishment.

  2. Agree with what you said.. but then how else would you want the kasab case to be dealed per se? we would of course want some resolution on that. i jus hope that his case is not petitioned in a higher court and yes hes on the rope.


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