Shiv Sena - Terrorists of INDIA

Touch your heart and tell me, aren't we sick of these "Sena" group which haunts MUMBAI and our entire nation ? What the hell they think of themselves ? Death is visiting every house in this world and why can't it go and visit the SENA's house once and then clear them all ? Their atrocity is going beyond the tolerable limit of every INDIAN, if this would have been a kind of gang anywhere else outside INDIA, the government would have wiped them off in a day. That gang injects venom into our community and corrupts the mind of every INDIAN. Who the hell are they to dictate terms on matters which they are not at all related to ? Today I was shocked to see an interview given by one of the jerk from that gang, he is saying "We will allow not any PAK / AUS player to come to INDIA and play cricket ..."

What I hate the most in INDIA is every community is so bloody fond of their language and try acting as if they want to protect that and if not those languages wud never exist and that to me is bull shit. In Tamil Nadu a jerk is ruling the state and try's every possible thing to make "TAMIL" as the only spoken language in that state. In Karnataka another jerk of a group called "Kannada Rakshana Vedike" which is spewing venom on Tamil people and they on their own have started a grudge between those two communities, and they talk as if "Kannada" is the prime most language in INDIA and everyone should learn their education only thru that medium. Similarly we have jerks everywhere in this country but nothing can match like this sickening sena's who were so damn pressing on MUMBAI and forcing non-marathi speaking people to get out of that city. I am surprised that the MUMBAI government is not taking any measures to stop this ever growing menace.

When the government is bold enough to put a rule saying that the individuals cannot and should not air their political or religious views on their blog or website or social networking sites which would provoke communal violence, why they hell they can't put a ban to the daily called "Saamna" which is owned by the SENA group and which literally provokes the marathi's into violence ? I am very much sure that none of the educated community would back the SENA's and it is only that gang of illiterates and brainless idiots who form a gang and support them. Considering the fact that INDIA is a democratic country (I still suppose it is still the fact), any city in this country is a FREE to live for any INDIAN citizen and what these SENA group is trying to do by not allowing any non-marathi's people to live there, is beyond explanation of DEMOCRACY. What the hell this fucking INDIAN government is doing ? They are targeting every VIP of this country and the latest victim is SRK.

Cricket is a SPORT and tying that to a religion or a community or to any bilateral ties with a country is BULL SHIT to me. I too strongly condemn the act of IPL leaving the Pakistan players in the dark and to me that was done intentionally to rub the wounds against Pakistan. That should not have happened, Pakistan is a far more talented team than INDIAN cricket team and I swear by this statement, barring Sachin Tendulkar no one in the INDIAN team has the fire in the belly to win matches for our country, but Pakistan on the other hand are known to be fighters and they never lack the fire power in them. If we consider talent as the key to enter into IPL, I would have definitely expected most of the Pakistan players being picked up for the auction. It’s a grave mistake IPL has done and they have to do something to repair the damage. The SENA gang is a gang of maniac's and giving any importance to them is more like allowing cancer to grow inside your body. It's high time we INDIAN's act fast and get rid of such anti-social elements, they are worst than terrorists.


  1. Can't agree more with whatever you have written. If everyone start to promote only one thing in this country - "NATIONALISM".... every problem will be solved. But I think that will not give the politicians enough options to mint popularity and money.

  2. But the issue has got nothing to do with literates or illiterates, only the selfishness of the people and their motive to utilise the situation to their atmost advantage is what drives them to create these things.
    Seri, just oru rendu naal outing poittu vararthukulla ore post ah pottu thalliteenga....

  3. Completely second you on every fact!
    Btw the tiger cub is sooooooooooo cute..

  4. As long as they're getting a fair share of votes nothing can be done in country like India. Only people of maharashtra needs to do something and i am sure they state ppl wont...We're all selfish beyond matter wat we talk....All politicos thrive on that only.

    One perfect example is the culture of money for votes in TN...


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