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Rahul Dhulhaniya Le Jaayenge ...

"Oh no, not again" was my first reaction when I came to know that Rahul Mahajan is doing something similar to what "Raaki Savgraaki" did ... oops, I am sorry "Raaki Saawant" did. Do we still have audience to watch such horrible shows ? The last time the entire nation was glued to their TV sets as if their own daughter is getting married and finally after all the tamaasha what happened is, Raaki Saawant ditched her fiancé. I don't know if there is any governing body which is in place for monitoring or approving such TV (reality) shows. I happened to watch a trailer of this Rahul's show and his probable "fiancé’s" (can I say that way?), man, the entire nation knows the caliber of Rahul and his stunts during the Big Brother show and we all know that he was / is a drug addict and already married once, still, some stupid girls say that they LOVE HIM so much, may be they wud have meant "I LIKE YOUR FINANCIAL STATUS SO MUCH" ...

What hits me hard is, where is the bloody money in our country to host such "good-for-nothing-useless-for-no-one" types of shows ? I was stunned to see the number of sponsors who have lined up to host this show. On the other hand a leading survey says that in INDIA there is more than 70% of the population who lives with Rs 80 per day as their salary, INDIA is the only country where 30% of the population is termed as POOR, and INDIA is the second country next to Africa for HUNGER deaths. WTF?? Why can't these sponsors help those poor and the needy and what the hell they are going to get in hosting such a stupid show like this. What rich costumes, unimaginable indoor sets, and over and above all these, if you hear the complete agenda of this show, I am sure close to 50 crores would have gone into the making, I mean, into the drain. Rahul Mahajan with all those make-up (lipstick included) and "Sherwaani" on him, look like an unattended frozen DEAD BODY somewhere on a snowy mountain. "Palliya thiruppi pottaa maadhiri vellaiyaa irukaan" (Looks like an up-side down turned Lizard)

The girls who were all dressed up and ready to gear themselves to live a life with that flirt, drug addict, drunkard etc etc, looked so bright and all of them have attached an "artificial" smile on their face. What I am not able to get is, does the girl's parents too would have agreed for their daughter to come and participate in such nasty shows ? And is that the way they want their daughter to choose their partner ? Don’t they know that Rahul is a person who does not have any credibility ? All these questions remain as questions and I am sure it will never be answered. All these shows once again prove that the media has stamped all its viewers as "Senseless Idiots" and we will see any crap of a program that is being showed in the "Idiot Box". I request all my readers not to even switch your channel to "NDTV Imagine" for the next 1 month and then dare to watch such a sickening program. Ok Ok Ok, I am not writing this post just out of jealous that I did not get any sponsor to launch my "Bride" hunt and having a program on my name like "Satish Ek Ladiki Find Karoooo" ;-)


  1. very true, even I saw the ad today.....even this time the bride will be selected but some reason will be sited and the engagement will be broken. Its all predefined by the hosts. Lets hope this time the viewers realize this after the rakhi episode and let the TRP drop below zero (if possible)

  2. "Raaki Savgraaki"
    "Palliya thiruppi pottaa maadhiri vellaiyaa irukaan"

    Ha ha....

    "Satish Ek Ladiki Find Karoooo" ;-)"

    Kadasiya sonna title nalla erukke..yaaravathu avanga adutha programukku suttara poranga :-)

    Don't have that channel at great escape.. :-)

  3. I liked Pramod Mahajan, one of the educated and decent politician. Thankfully he is no more to see these tamashas his son is part of...

  4. Actually this is Rahuls second marriage proposal and he divorced his first wife. The thing was the first one was not able to stand him....Athu therinjum ivvalavu applications for his swayamvaram nnaa this must be crazy indeed

  5. the sorry state it is coming in Vijay TV also soon asking for prospective bridegrooms to apply, what it will be like in Tamizh TV channel, are we going to be very forward like the hindi channels?

  6. i hate that show... man whats with the make up...??!! seriously...and once he even wore a WIG!!! why the hell my mom watches it... God only knows...! thank go there's a tv in my room.. my own tv!!! so i am saved.... thank you lord


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