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1411 and Counting down ...

I don't know what this piece of blog can bring in as a change to the vastly vanishing TIGER population in our country, but I wanted to do my part here at least by blogging about it. I know many of the readers of this blog wouldn’t have even seen a TIGER in real, and we are not poachers, but knowingly or unknowingly we are also responsible for killing tigers, by buying products which are made out of TIGER skin, I am not saying that we are obsessed with that piece of material, but I am just requesting to you all not to buy anything that is made out of that poor things skin, and one thing that reminds me here is, the only use less creature on this entire planet is HUMANS where they are not useful for anything or anyone even while they are living or after their death, because we are very busy in minding our own life and we don't have time to think about others.

I saw a very touching documentary in NDTV 24X7 today and that was so shocking. That documentary talks about a TIGER by name Seetha and her 5 new born cubs, it is a very well documented film, which starts from the date when she mates with her partner and till the date she gave birth to 3 male and 2 female cubs. The documentary shows how much care that TIGER takes for her younger ones and how much protective she is on them. Those tiny fellas are so damn cute and you would really love to own one of them, the way in which they ended the documentary was shocking, the cubs were too young and scary and they don't know how to venture into the wild and the commentary on the documentary goes like this "The young little one's are now all alone for almost 5 days and there is no sign of Seetha returning back to their shelter, the young one's are very hungry and scared, they even get scared on their own shadow (now the camera focus close-up on those cute little cubs), and they are all wondering when their mom would come and feed her ...." Now the camera moves into the WILD and we hear 4 bullet shots and the commentary ends like this "May be she will never return to see them ...." That was too touching for me and I could feel the pain ...

We are saying that TIGER is our national animal and all we have with us is just 1411 tigers nationwide. This is a sheer shame on us and if we continue to allow those merciless poachers to kill that innocent mammal, we all should be blamed for that disaster and no one else. Once again waiting for the sickening politicians to take this issue into their hands and solve this for us, we are STUPIDS. I will be happy if the total number of politicians count in this country is diminishing, and that's a welcome sign, they are WORST than a tiger, at least TIGERS attack only if they are threatened, but politicians attack just for them to survive. Let’s not expect the government to do anything in this issue, lets create awareness amongst the people and lets at least raise our voice to save that wonderful animal. When rotten politicians can live in this land, why can't a gorgeous and a brave TIGER live ? Just see that documentary which is showed every 15 minutes in NDTV 24X7, you too will feel that pain. LETS BLOG, TWEET, DO SOMETHING TO CREATE AWARENESS FOR SAVING OUR NATIONAL ANIMAL.


  1. I think awareness on preventing them from becoming extinct started long long back...with project tiger...

    Hm..still being hunted down inspite of being down in numbers is something that should be thought about..

    Nice thought Satish!!!

  2. Yaa, me too read about that. Its really shocking...


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