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Frozen Love ...

Varun was tensed and excited at the same time, as today is the D-Day of his life, he is gonna break his silence and then tell that news to Kaavya, he took out the final piece of dialogue which he wrote after wasting nearly 300 pages, he has already rehearsed it numerous times and still he felt that he is not so confident in saying that to Kaavya, so once again he stood in front of his mirror and rehearsed the speech to perfection for one last time. He opened his wardrobe and pulled all his ironed clothes out and made a mess out of it and he ran towards his ironing board and took the iron and pressed few clothes directly on the floor and he was choosing a perfect combo which he can wear while proposing to Kaavya, he was not impressed with any of the combinations and he grew wild and threw a flower vase on the mirror which shattered into pieces...

He somehow found one best combo to wear and again he took the paper out and rehearsed it in front of that broken mirror. He noticed that he has actually damaged his palm while throwing that jar out of frustration and blood has started to bleed out of that and almost it has spoiled his newly selected combo, he rushed to the washbasin, cleaned up his hands and searched for cloth to tie it up, and he was not so happy with the mess he has created for himself on that big day, Varun could not control his emotions and he eventually broke down, but within minutes he gathered strength and then he chose another new combination of dress and again he rehearsed the dialogue that he needs to talk to Kaavya "Dear, I am in love with you, without you, my life will be nothing, may I be your partner forever ? I promise you that I will take care of you, like a queen", he felt that some of the words were pretty outdated, so he tore that paper into pieces and started to write a new one, with blood still bleeding on his palm.

It was getting late and Varun could not waste any time at home, he decided to throw away the idea of giving a letter, he said that he is gonna propose to her orally and prepared him mentally for that. He took his bike keys and went near the door and to his surprise, it was Kaaya who was standing outside, he just could not believe his eyes, he rushed inside and he did a high-five against the wall and then he came back to the door and welcomed Kaavya - "Hey, what a surprise, please come, please come", Kaavya was shocked to see his wounded hand, and Varun did all that he can to hide that, but the dripping blood drops refused to stop, while Kaavya was slowly inching inside the house, Varun pulled few chairs for her to sit, he grabbed a big cushion and then placed it on the chair which was too small for that cushion, he rushed inside the kitchen which is virtually empty and pretend as if he is preparing something for her to drink, he knew that there is nothing in his kitchen.

He came back with a smile and said "I know you will not drink anything, so I am not going to force you", Kaavya asked Varun to come and sit next to her, and Varun's joy knew no bounds, and he was visually tensed and he forgot the pain that he cut on his palm had induced, he sat on the floor very next to Kaavya with his hands folded on this knees, and he was shaking his body so badly, ya, he was tensed. Kaavya had to press her teeth hard on her lips to see Varun like this, still she had the strength to come and meet him, the doctor who has gone to the loo, was shocked to see the mess Varun has created in his clinic and he immediately administered him a sleeping injection and ordered his nurse to take him inside. Varun's world stopped just before he proposing to Kaavya as he met with a fatal accident which took his memory off a few years backward, but the love he had on Kaavya did not change, now, Kaavya is his wife and mother of his only daughter but unfortunately he could not sense any of those developments. Kaavya controlled her tears and hugged her scared daughter and said - "Daddy is fine, he is still rehearsing for your school drama, don’t get scared ... ok?" and little Ananya said "Dad is a very good actor you know ..." There stands a Frozen Love ...


  1. Wowww....Very nice story!!!!nejammave stunning climax.

  2. Crisp,neat and very well written...
    and yes frozen too!!!

  3. Nice story pal....

  4. Initially I thought, the story was dragging with the way he was dressing up... but nice way to end the story, short and sweet.

  5. Nice story :)
    Keep it up...

  6. wow.. great piece

  7. @All - Thanks a lot for all your lovely comments guys. I appreciate :)

  8. konjam konjam kolangal Adi character aaaa......ille .... paravayille, only the love is frozen for Varun but for Kaavya it has melted her once for all..........

    atleast Kaavya avanaiye kalyanam kattindale!
    good ending


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