"COW" Is ... WOW!!!

Is our world getting funny or is this what we call "one step towards innovation". I saw a very interesting program in Animal Planet this weekend. I wonder how people have so much of time to do such things and it’s actually wonderful to see that they have thought something useful to the society. If a small country like Ireland can do that, why can't we do the same at INDIA? We have ample resources and man power to do that. The investment cost for this whole business is just nothing I would say. Ok ok, let me not make you folks to scratch your head anymore, just continue reading ...

In Ireland do you know what they do to increase the productivity of cooking gas? Well I would say it’s a method which is one step before what we are already practicing at our villages and it’s popularly called as "Bio Gas". What we do there is, we collect the cow dung and then preserve it in a closed enclosure and then leave a small opening to collect the gas which the dung emits, and that is what is mainly used in most of our villages in Tamil nadu. If I say Ireland people are doing the same but one step before, what I meant is, they don't wait for the dung to come out.

They feed the cows with mashed potatoes and while they extract milk from them, the cow generally "farts" for a long time and this farting continues all day long, we know the power of potato and its gas manufacturing capabilities in human, same is the chemical reaction that is happening inside a cow's tummy, so what they do is, they insert a tube into cow's a** and that gas is collected in huge cylinders and what they claim is, a cow is farting as much as 500 kilo grams of gas a month (big animal na!!!), and that is what the people at Ireland are using for cooking, It’s quite innovative but at the same time very effective.

The only concern here is, how would that animal go to "loo" with a tube inserted inside its a**, this is one question which is making me think since I watched that program. If a cow can produce 500 kgms of gas a month, why can't they try with bigger animal's like elephant to increase the productivity?? But who would dare to insert the tube into that huge animal's a** is a different question. Leave out the cow, If at all there would not be a procedure of inserting a tube inside the a**, our good old mylapore "saastrigal maama's" who eats all kinds of food ranging from kalyaanam to thavasam, would produce 500 kgms of gas in just a day (collectively).


  1. Atlast I am free from exams and studies now. Romba funny information satish. It might suitable for Ireland, but not India. Can you imagine cooking sambhar with cow's gas? I really won't eat that food. Instead of cooking, may be we can use that for something else like running a bike out of cow's gas. It is very convenient too, because nobody will be following us.


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