Dasavatharam - Movie Review

Ah, I hope I am not going to get caught in the brilliance of Kamal Hassan's effort and acting while penning this review of "Dasavatharam", I would want to write it in its true sense and do justice to the movie and also to my review. Let me first talk about the story line, to be honest, I would say, Oscar Ravichandran has taken a big risk of investing such a huge amount on this story. There is absolutely no story line involved, right from the first scene to the last scene, you are literally absorbed by one man's brilliance and that is Kamal Hassan ...

I also felt that there has been absolutely no correlation between the scenes and even though you cannot discount the fact that Kamal has taken strenuous efforts to show appreciable variance between the 10 roles, not just by its make-up, but also through body language and voice modulations, I some what feel that he has casted 10 roles just for the heck of it. Certain characters like that old lady, son of a muslim (nagesh), Avatar Singh, Japanese character, Srilankan character are all mere waste. I could not see any valid reasoning behind Kamal casting those characters. Again, we have to appreciate the hard work that he has put in to get those make-ups done. It’s certainly a herculean task which needs to be appreciated.

Asin, once again proved her brilliance in acting, though her role in this movie is just to run behind Kamal Hassan, she has done justice to her character. I would rather say, most of the other characters that have big screen names, have been wasted in this movie, like, Nagesh, K R Vijaya, P Vasu, and Santhana Barathi etc etc. I was actually expecting a bit of humor quotient in this movie which is a normal phenomenon in any Kamal starrer, but that was completely missing in this movie apart from the fact that Balram Naidu character has provided some. If you really ask me whether this movie is worth to be watched, I would say a big YES YES to that, just for the fact to appreciate one man's brilliance, i.e. Kamal Hassan. I won't say that this movie is that entertaining as SHIVAJI, to put it right, in fact this movie cannot be easily understood by a common man, who does not know about this "Chaos Theory", "Bio Weapon" etc etc. Once again a typical Kamal movie for his well educated audience.

I would rate 6 out of 10 for this movie and that too all the 6 marks goes to Kamal's effort in putting those tough make-up's and having Asin as the heroine, if not Asin, the movie would have seen the dent a bit more hard.


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