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Apple of My Eye ...

A quick trip to Chennai rejuvenated my mind body and soul. I had been there to attend my friend’s wedding, but more than that, I was eager to play with my friend’s new born fella who is just 3 months old. He is the current apple to my eye and my I visibly go bright when I see that little fella. He is so cute and tiny and always attaches that curious look on his face; he was the center of attraction in yday's marriage, as the bride was his "chitti". Everyone squeezed that little thing and he was visibly tired and was sleeping most of the time, or pretending as if he is sleeping. I got my chance to have that cutie on my arms and felt really delighted about that, the reason is simple, this is the first time in my life I am lifting such a young baby, I was extremely nervous about that whole thing, but somehow gathered confidence and took him to my arms ....

He was actually feather light and very clumsy, I felt as if he is gonna squeeze himself down my arms and fall down. I was given enough instructions to keep a hand around his neck as he is too young to keep his head over the shoulders. I took him to the place where a female was playing veenai and this fella was looking at everything with such a curious look, no reaction or expression on his face, just a stand still frozen look, the best quality of that fella for which I was floored is, his ability to sleep within seconds, just within 2 to 3 seconds that little thing goes into deep sleep and he does not seem to bother about the surrounding noise and stuffs like that, he just caught hold of my t-shirt as tight as his little fingers can hold and slept on my shoulders. An occasional jerk and a brief cry is what he did, apart from that he was pretty calm.

When he was sleeping, I was just thinking, he does not know who I am, he is just like that comfortable on my shoulders, he will not know even if I whisk him away from his mom, he is so vulnerable to anything, but the amount of joy that little soul is giving us is something beyond words for me to explain. It actually gives you some kind of mental strength that you have to take care of this little thing, who has no one to take care types and your only aim of life is to take care of him and protect him in every possible way you can, so no wonder a MOTHER is so special and necessary to a kid, she wud be the world for that little thing and he just recognizes her with her warmth and feels very cozy in her arms than in anybody else hands. After a good 15 minutes sleep, that little fella got up and looked at me like a "speck" or a "creature" or an "animal" and just when I said "lulululululululu ...." he opened his tiny mouth which was just 1 inch in dia and screamed to the extent possible with his not so developed vocal cord :)

This is what I said, they sense their mom by their warmth, the moment I transferred that cutie to his mom, the crying stopped as if we press "pause" in tape recorders, gave him a nice fiddle under his tiny red feet and made him force to take out his legs out of my reach and kissed him a good bye and continued my sightseeing, seriously I meant the couple who were standing on the dais and nothing else ;) I am seriously missing that little fella now, and I dedicate this post to that cutie pie. Adding on to the joy, my other friend had brought her 4 yrs old son, saying that "Satish uncle will get him a gift", the moment he came to the marriage hall, he asked me "Where is the present" and you won't believe, he did not stop asking that till I got him few chocolate bars. One thing which struck me hard is the sentence "Satish UNCLE ..." oh yaa, I am getting old ahn ;-))


  1. Hey nice one..Pass on the wishes from my side to "L" for the cutie boy & "R" for her wedding...

  2. heyyyy sooo cuteeee!!!

  3. Hey Sathish,

    This is the first time i'm into my blog, and ur cutie pie story is really ohhh sooooo cute:-).

    This Iyer seeens to be really funny:-).

  4. Good to hear that you did have a good trip!!!


  5. mazhaila maattalayo? Anyways babies are always cute.


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