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I just got to get this out of my system and I cannot keep it with myself, though I am not a person who gets irritated or frustrated that easily, but today I think I was not in control and was going ballistic on one such incident that happened when I took my car out. I would not guarantee that there would not be any bad words in this post, so kindly excuse me as I want every nasty thing to get out of the system and I don’t think that can be done without telling BAD words ;) So here we go ...

My apartment is located at the far end of the layout and beyond my apartment there is actually no way to get out of our layout and we have a very crooked turning that everyone has to take to go out of our layout, and there are not much of space to be very honest, if one car has to turn from one side and the other vehicle has to stop and there is no other way out. There is a bunch of arrogant and ruthless auto drivers who have kept stand there, and they generally are folks who wud volunteer to invite trouble, they will park one of their autos in the corner and will make the space even more cramped and will not move their autos even an inch, it is up to the skill of the driver to make sure that he does not scrap that auto and also make sure that you do not plunge your front wheels into the big open drainage which runs on both sides. I am sure you folks wud have got the point on what this post is all about and yes, be ready to listen more and will be shocked to hear the next sequence of events which unfolded. Oh yaa, there is a tolerance level for any human being.

It was around 9:30 AM where Bangalore goes mad and every road will be choked to the level which cannot be explained, I took my car and went to that steep turning, there were 4 autos parked 2 each on both side, there is absolutely no way any driver can go in between that gap, all 4 auto wala's were sitting cool on their seats and were ordering me to come forward, I told myself that I am NOT gonna go as I am 100% sure that I will leave few paint of my car on to their auto, I just switched off my engine, switched on my set and kept high volume and started listening to music, I wanted them to take their autos out of that turning, and those arrogant auto wala's also did not mind, they all walked off to have tea in the nearby tea shop, there were cars piling up in the back and Satish was pissed off and to make myself cool, I was listening to songs. One driver who was next to me came out and then directed the auto drivers to take their autos away and no one even bothered to respond to him, he came to me and said, if I can go forward, I said, I will get down and give you the keys, if you think you can drive my car thru this small gap without no marks, I don’t mind and then gave him the key :) He did not get that and he said that inevitable "FCUK" and went inside his car.

It was 9:45 and my BP was not in control, I go out of the car and asked those auto "rowdies" if they can take their autos, they said, "If you don’t know how to drive, it is not our problem, we will not move out". They all belong to a particular community in that area and they are in majority in my area, but that does not matter to me, coz I am an INDIAN and I still live in INDIA. I know that I am losing my senses here, so I started to count from 1 to 10 to see if I am getting back to normal and then go by a subdued tone to them and request them to move their autos away, but unfortunately after counting 10, my BP has actually gone beyond the permissible limits of a human being. I just locked my car and got out and walked off, rest of the other car drivers were also going impatient, I went to the same tea shop, ordered a cup of coffee and started sipping it, while sipping I told them that I am not going anywhere till they take their autos, one of the auto wala came to me as if he is a very nasty villain and threatened me, I know I am not a HERO, but I am fearless, and that instinct prevailed, I said to that so called rowdy that, he cannot even touch my "BAL**".

I am telling you folks, I feel ashamed to say that we are all educated, when I was confronting those "a*** h****" not even one single educated fool came out of their car, they were all like - "Why should I interfere, tomorrow they may attack me and my family, so let me play safe". I am asking WHY ??? Fear is the first enemy, if we start to fear for these chota "auto walas" how can we stand against terror and fight terrorism ?? Why the hell we should be afraid in the first place ? If he can hit you hard, you can hit him even more hard, once the opponent senses that you are having fear, then you are gone, why can't we at least act as if we are not afraid ?? I am not saying that we should fight like what our heroes do in films, at least we can put a bold face to people who cause nuisance right ?? 4 auto wala's became 12 and I still did not move or take my car out, then after few heated arguments, there was one sensible idiot in their gang, he shouted at them and forced them to take their autos back and then I took my car out. I told them that if autos would be parked the same was as like today, I am going to repeat the same incident again and again.

One request I have for all my readers is, never ever have fear in your life, we are all born to achieve something in life, just don’t succumb to FEAR, mark that guy as your first enemy and kill him. If you see incidents which are not good for the society, please go and question the person who is doing that, just because no one has the guts to question a person who is doing illegal activities, he will continue to do that and we are the ones who motivate him to do that. If you see a girl being harassed or teased, just have the guts to go and question those dogs even if they would be in bunch, if that girl would have been your wife or sister or mother wont we roll on the floor with those dogs ?? Don’t digest things in you saying "What can we do, ONE person cannot change this country", that is a wrong attitude, let’s be the change this society wanted to see. I am up for it and I will never tolerate anything that is causing nuisance to our society.


  1. hmm nama chennai auto karanga how so ever mosam,nan car la konja neram horn adicha kinjamavadhu nowrunvanga..sila peru gaandu kalapave irupanga.. so kadasila neenga thaan nowtheengala??free

  2. that was cool man.

    parking your car and annoying other cowards.

    good that u first tried to control the BP :-)

    i would have shouted like anything on first hand, remain calm in mind and act like a rowdy...

  3. Great job Sathish!! Questioning these guys once/twice will bring them back 2 reality....but the question will be, who will question? Indha madri kelvi ketu, sila vati na mokka ellam vangi irukken....atleast am satisfied that I tried my best.

  4. Kalakitte maams! Ella edathulayum irukanun ga indha maadhiri aalunga. U noe the best part is everyone thinks if someone comes in a car they're arrogent, proud and rich brats...for god's sake we also started from scratch only....sick mentality mate...

  5. Dear satish, What u have done is really great one. There is no doubt.And your anger towards other educated fellows and auto drivers is very reasonable one.

    Good to see this attitude.

    One request / Doubt:
    //They all belong to a particular community in that area and they are in majority in my area, but that does not matter to me, coz I am an INDIAN and I still live in INDIA. //

    Since you are very much irritated of communal exposure and want to be an indian rather than a communal peroson, I am requesting or asking this.

    Do you have any personal reasons to put the word Iyer in the tagline.

    ஜஸ்ட் குத்தம் கண்டு பிடிக்கணும்னேன்னு எல்லாம் கேக்கலை. கொஞ்சம் உறுத்தலா இருந்தது அதான். Thank you.


  6. @Nandha - I actually liked your question and wud give you a very brief reply. That tag line is chosen becoz that is my NICKNAME amongst my friends, enna ellaarum "Aiyare" nu thaan koopuduvaanga, so I sticked on to that, if you happen to read my posts, no where, NO WHERE i would have written anything against or supporting to any community. Website name is just an URL to me, but what my readers like is the content inside that URL :)

  7. This problem is universal. Though its a welcome change do take care.

  8. Awesome job! Hats off to you.

    I wish you had noted down their numbers too. BTW, I used to notice that in New Indian Express, the civic authorities used to post responses in reaction to complaints in the Letters column. Is there no way this issue could be resolved in a similar way? Slim chance but just a suggestion..

    Liked your answer too...nandha, satish is authentic. Period.

  9. Good Going Satish!!!

  10. @Talkative Man - Thanks for that wonderful compliment. May be I should take a printout and hang it outside :)

  11. Anonymous12:28 PM

    After reading your story I felt that I might had done the same in this kind of situation. I myself feel that just one person can bring the much desirable change to society if s/he is determined.
    Kudos to your feat and bravery - as I would call it.
    Keep the spirit up and you will see the change happening.

    - Fellow proud Indian

  12. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Well Satish...
    you done good job.if we are silent always some auto wallas arrogant spl in Bangalore


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