A Part of Life ...

Kaavya was so tensed in the morning and she looked visibly disturbed, Varun on the other hand looked pretty relaxed and he got into his usual morning routine and he failed to notice this change in Kaavya's face. Varun usually leaves home only after Kaavya goes to work, though he was sucked into his hectic morning schedule of working out in the gym, taking his pet for a walk, showering his garden, washing his car etc etc, he did not fail to notice that Kaavya is still at home and she has not left for office. Though he could not think of a reason other than "ill health", he asked her if she is doing ok. Kaavya responded with a tear drop, which intimated Varun that something is wrong and serious...

Varun too decided to go to office late, as he knew that Kaavya needs his support than anything else. He just took her by his shoulder and by holding a subtle grip on her arm, he asked, "Is there anything I did wrong and that hurt you?", Kaavya was quick to nod her head to say "NO" to that and she said she has been in the bench for almost 4 weeks now and she is fearing a possible "termination notice" to her by today as her company is firing people "left-right-and-center". Kaavya and Varun recently moved into this city and they have bought a brand new house and there is huge loan that is staring at them and at this juncture if one of them loses their job, it’s going to be very difficult to pull the chariot by one horse. Varun literally laughed it loud and said, "I will be very happy if they fire you, coz, I will at least get time to spend with you once I get back from work", Kaavya managed to bring that smile on her face but she knew it is going to be difficult to manage with just Varun's income.

Varun gave her all the confidence and he also shared with her the investment plans that he has made and did a forecast for the next 10 years with their current investments on hand. Kaavya wished and prayed that she should not be fired as she wanted to share Varun's burden, financially. Both of them left to work, Varun did all the tricks he can to cheer her up and at times pulled her legs for being so timid in life. Varun dropped her at her office and he drove back to his office. Kaavya sms'ed Varun saying that she is so lucky to have such an understanding husband and she is truly blessed in that way, Varun replied to that SMS with a simple ROTFL. Kaavya's company is on "fire fighting" mode and they are doing all the tricks under the sun to save that sinking ship and the easiest way to start things is by removing folks who are "non billable". Kaavya's prayers were not enough to save her job, she was asked to surrender her ID card and leave the premises.

Kaavya wandered on the streets of Bangalore like a stray dog, she felt as if the entire world has crashed on her and there is not going to be a sunrise tomorrow. She started to think that she is now a burden to Varun and she is of no use to anyone anymore, ya, typical suicidal thoughts. She was disturbed from those thoughts by the SMS sent by Varun, it read - "Hey darling, What's dinner tonight ?", Kaavya replied back saying "Anything of your choice, coz you are the only bread winner to our family", and there were no exchange of text messages from them. Kaavya went home as early as 2 in the afternoon and she was welcomed by her neighbor who promptly asked "What yaar? So soon from work? Are you not feeling well?” Kaavya did not even bother to respond to those questions, she simply opened her door and went inside, pretending as if she did not hear anything.

Varun called her up around 6 and started with a "Sorry" and also he gave her the energy boosters saying that she can always find another job once the market situation improves, but Kaavya does not seem to be encouraged by all those pep talks, and was simply saying "hmm" for all his statements. Varun wanted to change her mood and he said that he will be back from work by 7 and they can go out for dinner, Kaavya was quick to respond to ask "Why? For celebrating my termination is it ?" and Varun replied, "Not really, it may be for you getting appointed as my wife 24X7" and that was the real ice-breaker which made Kaavya to burst into laughter. Kaavya too needed a change and she was in no mood to cook at home. She wanted to take her mind off that traumatic incident that happened today and she told herself that "Life is not just being employed".

It was 7, and Kaavya was ready to go out, it turned to be 7:30 and to 8:00, there were no signs of Varun coming back from work, all calls to his mobile went unanswered and Kaavya started to worry. Varun never fails to keep up his word and today seem to be an exception to that. Time raced to 9:00 PM and still there were no signs for Varun coming home, finally she decided to call up his friend and find out if Varun is into any meeting or conference call. Kaavya apologized for calling him so late in the night and enquired about Varun, and he gave her a reply which made her blood to froze, he said Varun has left for the day by 6:00 itself and he too expressed his surprise that he has not reached home yet, but at the same time he did not want to horrify her by giving more puzzled reaction, he said, he might have met some of his friends mid-way and he must have gone out with him for a drink. Kaavya is not in mood to listen to such imaginary reasons.

Kaavya told herself that this is one day in life which she wants to forget in a flash. The clock ticked 11 and she got terribly nervous, her mind spelled some wild imaginations, which made her sweat glands to open. She told herself a big "NO" and tried dialing his number for one last time and this time a sweet female voice answered her call saying "The number you are trying to reach is currently switched off". Kaavya's only option now is to dial to the emergency and enquire if there were any accidents in and around her area, that is something which she does not want to do, the clock went past 12 and was about to kiss 1 AM in the morning. Kaavya drowsed without her knowledge and suddenly she got up in a hurry as her mobile phone vibrated "Varun Calling ....", she was speech less for a minute and cried enough without saying a word, immediately the door bell rang and it was Varun flashing a sporty smile and asked her "So, now do you agree the fact that there are many more difficult times in life to worry about, than a lost job?", and started to laugh at her. That was Varun's prank on Kaavya to make her realize that losing a job is not so serious in life.


  1. heyyy!! really.. i liked this story a lot.. simple but there was such an edge to it! Very nice one Satish!!!! Kudos.

  2. @Amrita - Thanks ton for your lovely comments. I thot this story was not that good :)

  3. Paavi paavi paavi... idhellam nalladhukku ille solliten... i had my heart in my mouth literally during the last few lines.... man u r great at mush....

    u modest fellow

  4. @Rat - Life is short so worrying on anything in life is to me a mere waste of time :))


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