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I really don’t understand the reason behind giving so much of importance to a person who is a vermin by birth. We are actually popularizing Muthalik and his group by responding to all his stupid comments and acts. The biggest gainer in all these hungama is the media, as you all know, they feast on anything that is in existence or non-existence. When some individuals are taking the law on their hands and pretend as if they are protecting the culture of this country, and invariably they screw the basic right of a citizen of this country, which is called "Democracy"

I really don’t understand the fact behind sending "Pink Chaddis" to that sinister and his group. What are we trying to do here ? Are we trying to humiliate him ? For all those who are participating in this "Pink Chaddi Campaign", all I wanted to tell you folks is, you cannot humiliate or embarrass an uncouth, and he is not going to be bothered for such silly acts. If he is a person who is really bothered about embarrassment or humiliation, he wouldn’t have indulged himself in this "good for nothing" issue. He will be more than happy that he is getting more attention and advertisement without him spending a single penny. The best way to humiliate Muthalik and his gang is to IGNORE them and let’s be normal and do whatever we want to do in our life. If you are a party animal, just freak out and that's the best way to reply. If you lock yourself indoor, just because some idiotic group will attack you, that's when his group wins. It is not winning against you or I, it is winning against our fundamental right of "Democracy" in this country.

Muthalik to me is a half grown mushroom which creped up during last night's rain, all you need to do, is to step over him and trash him. If today you are feeling scared over a half grown mushroom, that same stuff will grow in size and may well destroy you freedom and happiness in the future forever. People who just want to shoot up to the limelight overnight and who does not have anything to do in their life other than scratching their balls, may contact Muthalik for ideas, he seem to be a cracked nut who has more ideas like this. All said and done, we should also appreciate the innovative idea he had brought in, which really made me to say "WoW" is, the arrangement of conducting "On the spot Marriage" on V-Day for couples. All single people who are "purely" single like me and who are still figuring out the knack of talking to girls, would just need to go out on V-Day and stand near a beautiful girl of your choice, and the rest would be taken care by Muthalik uncle and his gang. Once the marriage is done, it’s back to our culture where she has no choice other than living with you na ? ;-)


  1. hehehe
    last para was good..

    but valid point i agree with u! half grown mushroom hehe.... gud adj for him

  2. same feelings. did u read the article by shoba de in "The Hindu". It endorses a differenct perspective though i dont really accept that.

  3. @Chennai Girl - No yaar, I did not read that, coz I dont buy HINDU. Well, all these to me are a "Non-sense" thing yaa ... best way to treat this is by IGNORING :)


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