You - I - We & Me - Part 2

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Varun's sister is once again back to his place along with her two kids, there must have been some fight with her husband and she has come to her mom's place, this has now become a regular scene at his place, the last time she came to his place was two weeks back, as she had a big fight with her husband as he refused to change the channel she wanted to view. Varun's thoughts went blank and he knows he has to give top priority to this issue than trying to pacify Kaavya. Varun's sister Neenu came with a swollen eyes and already she had stored tears in that and moment she saw Varun she dropped all her bags and dashed hard on Varun's shoulders, and cried like hell, Varun sensed that she is creating a scene and hence he moved her into the house.

Neenu was all complaints about her husband and as expected her mom too joined her side and started to curse her husband. Varun has heard enough of such conversations where they blast his sister's husband and they are the one's who praise him when he comes home to take his sister back with him. Varun was all ears to listen to the latest fight and what caused her to eject herself from her in-laws place.

So what's the deal this time, asked Varun

I am not going to go back to that hell, I think it’s all over, and I don’t have any reason to live with him anymore

Hmmm, interesting to see that you never change your statements, you maintain this every time you come here after a fight

Don't irritate me Varun; do you know what he did this time?

What? He changed the TV channel which you were seeing is it?

Shut up!! He slapped me.

What??? Slapped you? For what?

For an issue which is good for nothing to be even mentioned

It would be good if you mention that here, so that I can see who is at fault

Just because I delayed a bit to serve his mom her lunch

Why did you delay serving the lunch to his mom? You know she is diabetic and she is not physically able to do things on her own, so you should have taken care of her in the first place.

I was watching this important serial, I thought of serving her food during a break, but the breaks were too short, and hence I did not serve her the food.

So, if the same thing happens to your mom will you be quite?

Look Varun, if you don’t like me coming to this place, let me know; don't try to find fault on me. Mummy, you better be careful with this guy, he is not supporting us when he is bachelor, I think he will totally ignore us when he gets married, so you find a girl for him, who is obedient and who is always in your control

Varun banged the door hard and rushed out of the house. He is quite used to such a kind of a neck pecking atmosphere in his place, but he was worried whether Kaavya would like to live in such an atmosphere. He needs to think twice before he confessing his love affair to his mom. Varun reached Kaavya's office and he informed the receptionist that he needs to meet Kaavya, the receptionist asked him to wait and he dialed Kaavya's extension and within two minutes, the receptionist told him that Kaavya is very busy in a meeting and she will not be out till 6 in the evening. Varun sensed that Kaavya is avoiding him and she does not want to see him. He just left a SMS to her saying - "So, is it all over ?", and there was no reply from Kaavya for that which a kind of confirmed that message.

Varun looked like a zombie at work and he just could not concentrate on anything. He left office around 2 and he found himself a place inside a park, its the same park where he and Kaavya had spent hours together, laughing at each other, sharing each others shoulder, eating a cone of roasted peanuts by throwing it up in the air and catching it in the mouth, discussing about the future plans, right from how their marriage has to happen to how many kid they wanted to have, when all these memories was flashing by Varun's mind, he just could not control the tear glass his eyes brought in front of his vision. He was upset on himself for being so timid in life and not disclosing his desire to his mom, and also the condition that she has put to him, and the promise that she has taken from him. Varun pitied himself for the state he is in today.

It was almost 6 in the evening and Varun was lying on the grass, the regular guy who sells peanuts to him asked him - What sir, you are alone today ? Where is your friend? I know you will not buy peanuts from me, coz you will not have a company to throw that in air and catch it. That guy rubbed salt on his wounded heart as if he applies salt to his peanuts. His cell phone vibrated from his back pocket, his mind said it is not Kaavya but his heart wanted that to be Kaavya, finally his mind won, it was a call from his home, he picked up the call, his mom asked him to come home immediately as his brother-in-law has come home to pick his sister and she is refusing to go with him, so he has to play the referee role now. He still looked like a zombie and he went near his bike and started that, once again the his cell phone vibrated and once again his mind won, it was again a call from home, his mom ordered Varun to get some snacks while coming home. He put his mobile back to his pocket and started driving his bike. His cell phone once again vibrated, but he is in no mood to pick that up, but unfortunately, this time his heart won, and it was Kaavya who was calling him and he missed her call.

Varun reached home and he somehow convinced his sister and his brother-in-law and managed to pack them off to their place, but he is sure that the launched rocket will one day come back to the base. Varun had a quite dinner and he had no guts to see his mom straight on her face. He finished his dinner, and he slipped on to his casuals, but the cell phone remained inside the back pocket of his with vibrate mode switched on. Kaavya tried calling him for almost 10 times and finally she sent him an SMS which read "I never said, its all over, but it looks like you have ended this relationship, Goodbye forever". He tried a lot to read a book, but he could not concentrate, as his mind was pre-occupied by the promise he gave to his mom and which is actually stopping him from confessing his desire to marry Kaavya. His mom entered his room after a knock and said - They are all coming to see you next Saturday, so don't go anywhere, good night". Varun's world came to a stand still ...

To be continued ...


  1. huh! one more to b continued....

  2. The thing is, you have good writing capability. I can view the scenes when I read the lines. TV serial mathiri'yae irukku without any connection.

  3. @Jaya - Idha padichaa ... compliment kudukaraa maadhiri teriyalaye ?? ;-)

  4. Anna to comment about the story, actually is going good and expecting a positive ending as to a mother understanding her son's feelings, anyways i'll leave that upto u... but to tell u the truth ur style of writing is worth reading ur stories, art of writing is not for everyone and god has blessed u, keep rocking anna...


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