Mumbai Vs Terror = Shame on INDIA

At last the drama got over at Mumbai. It was an incident of shame for our country. I am not seeing this as a "terrorist" attack by some pakistani's, it’s a shameful terrorist attack by "indians" on "indians". The shocking revelations that are coming out after all these shootings and fireworks, are very painful to hear. Some bloody basterd's have got bribe from the terrorists and then allowed them into our country, if they would have been sincere to their profession, today we would not have lost 100 innocent lives. Just imagine if this cheap mentality gets into our fellow brothers who guard our nation, you and I would not be peacefully blogging here. As long as we do not eradicate the deadliest devil called "bribe", there is no point in aiming to be the super power at 2020 ...

It was told that some terrorists have got into the Taj hotel and have held some hostages, that was the initial spark we got, but later another news flashed on the TV screens saying that some terrorists went on a shooting spree on the roads of Mumbai and have killed some innocent lives, those cruel animals didn't even spare a hospital, then another news flashed saying terrorists have taken hostages at hotel Oberoi, I was for a moment thought that all 5 star hotels have given free accommodation to terrorists. The news of many foreign nationals being held inside as hostages was even more pathetic, It’s our responsibility to take care of the tourists who visit our nation, the way we behave to them will be the face of our country, but after this bitter incident, I think INDIA's face value would have be decreased by greater extent amongst other tourists.

This news was a feast to all news channels, and it is so unfortunate for Mr. V P Singh to die at such a time where his death news was not at all covered by any news channel, if he would have been fortunate enough to die on a normal day, all the news channels would have covered that story right till the crematorium. These news anchors should be hanged in public, those journalists who were commenting from "Ground Zero" (that's how they call) are actually not reporting the news to the public, they are actually giving clues to the "terrorists" who were watching every bit that is happening outside from their rooms. One filthy journalist who was reporting for a famous news channel is saying like this when the helicopter dropped those commandos on the terrace - "Why are the terrorists not shooting that helicopter, why are they silent ? There must be some other plans to demolish that copter". I was pissed off after hearing that, he talks as if he is a terrorist.

Next worrying thing I noted in this entire "War on Mumbai" operation "Cyclone" is, the inefficiency of our NSG team in terms of arms and ammunitions and other technical equipments. In the US there are so many sophisticated instruments to tackle such a situation, they simply used to pass X-rays and then spot where the terrorist is hiding, but here in INDIA, they are still following the 1960s style of shooting, like inserting the gun into the window grill and then shooting without any aim. Its high time INDIA too invests on such sophisticated instruments which it may need in future. The copter which dropped those commandos, if you would have watched them carefully, all they have is a "machine gun" and nothing more, but the terrorists were having "Snipers" which are very cool and sleek to operate.

The commandos were not even given a binocular, if I am not wrong, they all were standing in the terrace right from morning till evening without doing anything. The terrorists have done through homework with the help of fellow indians (I should say fellow enemies ??), they have got the floor plan of all the three places they were attacking and they have been coming and going into those places very regularly, it was a well planned bid to attack Mumbai. It’s pathetic to see that Mumbai police have failed to learn from their mistakes, they should have taken enough precautions to stop this, moment the terrorists hijacked the police van and went on a shooting spree inside the city, they should have caught hold of them, these incidents happened in the night and they came to know only the next day morning.

During these encounters we lost some gallant heroes of our police department, it’s good that the NSG gunned down all the terrorists before our heroes were cremated. One news channel showed a clipping of a terrorist falling out of the window after a gunshot, it was excellent to watch, I thought how nice will it be if there would be some mechanism to kill all the terrorists of the world. It took more than three days for our NSG to bring all of them down, unfortunately we have to lose all the hostages held by the terrorists, and my heart goes for the family of those deceased. 

It’s very unfortunate that TAMIL NADU is very far from MUMBAI, you guys know why I am saying this as "unfortunate" ?. I don't know why Mumbai police have to call NSG's and Commandos to bring down the terrorists, when they have a very capable man sitting in CHENNAI who has vast experience in gunning down terrorists, he in fact has changed the mind of many terrorists just by talking to them (No fighting, no bullets, no blood... just talking!!!), If we would have sent him inside the Taj, the next 10th minute all the terrorists would have come down running to the police and begged them to arrest them or kill them, so it’s our bad luck that Mumbai wasted 3 days and lost precious police officer's in tackling the terrorists. Ada, you guys are still thinking who that genius is ?? array yaar ... it’s none other than our Captain "Vijayakanth" :-)


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