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Last Weekend @ New York ...

It was my last weekend at New York and I am very much excited about that for two obvious reasons, one being the feeling that the same time next week, I will be in INDIA and the next one is the visit of my close friend Paul from Chicago. I reached my cousin's place on Friday night and had some good dinner. Then it was fun time with all the room mates and we were laughing like mad for nothing. We watched this movie called "Chakkarakatti" which was horrible to the core, but we all had nice fun. At times I feel proud to be single, as you get to execute what you wanted to do and can enjoy every moment without any pinch of worry when you are with your friends, if you are married, and you are out with your friends, that happiness quotient will not be 100%, I know there are people ready to oppose this statement, but that's purely my perception about married life ...

Saturday morning myself and my cousin got up early and then rushed to Newark airport to pick up my friend, though the subway trains played hide and seek, we somehow reached the airport on time and picked up Paul. It was very cloudy in the day and also the weather man had predicted "Rain" in the afternoon, but I had a little of hope that it won't rain, unfortunately that was not the case, as it started to rain from 1:00 PM. We three decided to brave this rain and started to "Statue of Liberty", but the rain, wind and chillness was so much that we came back to our apartment by 1:30, we knew it’s going to be very tough to get there in this rain and also the ferry ride in this cold weather would be near to impossible.

We came home and started playing cards, not for one or two hours we played for five hours. By 6:00 we took Paul to a nearby mall and then we shopped few groceries for the night feast we have planned to make. We started cooking by 7:00 and all my cousin's roommates were back to hut after their outing. Paul made Veg Biriyani and I made Onion Pakoda and another guy made Onion raitha and in 3 hours time the dinner table was full of delicious items. We all had a chatty dinner and then we watched some streaming videos of a program called "Jodi Poruttham", man that was the best, it was hilarious to the core and we could not stop laughing. I was in the best of my comments that day and things came out as fluent as it can. The entire house was bursting in laughter. Then we watched "Shivaji" movie for some time and I went to sleep by 12:00

Sunday, we knew it’s going to be a very busy day for me, my cousin and Paul. The weather looked bright and sunny, but the temperature was just 5 degrees and it was freezing. We started around 9:00 to the "Statue of Liberty", we were taking snaps in almost all the scenic locations we saw. We took the ferry and reach the statue and spent about 1 hour there, weather forced us to cut short our shooting sessions, as our hands got freeze and we were unable to click the camera. We hurried ourselves to a restaurant and had pizzas, which was a bit soothing to that temperature, then we walked around the Hudson for some more time and took our return ferry to New York.

We came to "Empire State Building" by 4:00, and then we took a long walk of nearly 4 miles to reach "Times Square", there we had our light evening snack, by 6:00 we reached "Times Square", our photo sessions continued there as well. At one stage we were all dead tired and hence decided to relax in my hotel room which we quite close to "Times Square". By 8:00 we took the subway train back to NJ and reached my cousin’s apartment by 8:30. A very long day comes to an end, and all three of us were visibly tired. On kind request of my cousin's roommates, I made "Basundi" and surprisingly, it came out well. I was too tired even to taste that, and I wanted to hit my sack ASAP. By 11:30 I went to bed. It was good to meet my friend in the US for one last time, not sure if we both will meet again the US. Also an eventful weekend came to an end. My cousin (poor guy) gathered all his patience and then came with us to all the places, well, that's why he is my sweet little cousin.


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