Back to Home ... Sweet Home ...

Ah, after a tiresome 30 hours of journey, I am finally back to my sweet home "Chennai". I vacated my hotel room on the 15th morning at 6:00 AM and to me it looked like the nature is crying buckets and given me a teary send off, oh ya, it was pouring cats and dogs at New York in the morning. The cab which I have booked came on time and I reached JFK by 6:45, even before the Emirates counter was open. I had too many worries in my mind, one related to my excess baggage weight and another one was the fear of traveling for 14 hours non-stop, but little I knew that I am going to have a fantastic 14 hour journey, wanted to know "What happened ?" ....

I checked in my two huge suitcases at the counter and I was mentally prepared to pay the excess baggage amount if they asked me to do so, but God’s grace, even though I had an excess of 6 pounds per piece, the female who was issuing my boarding pass, did not even see the weights, she simply pasted the tag which was checked in all the way to Chennai. I had a big sigh of relief. I then chose my preferred seating location in the aircraft (I always take aisle) and took my boarding pass and walked all the way to my gate, as I was feeling hungry, I had a cup cake and a mocha to suppress the noises of my tummy.

I waited at the lounge for nearly 2 hours and while I was sitting, I saw an "Angel", she was one of the most gorgeous female I have ever seen, I wish if I could sit next to her, and after a while the boarding gate opened and I moved along with the queue and took my seat after placing my cabin baggage inside the top rack. I then started to flip the pages of my book and in a few minutes time, I heard a sweet voice saying "Excuse me..." I just could not believe my eyes, it was that angel who is gonna sit next to me, she had accompanied by her mom, who is sitting on to her left. I was like, "This is what I mean LUCK" and smiled to myself.

I know it would be very obvious if I start a conversation and also it will be difficult to travel 14 hours without even talking to your fellow passenger who is sitting next to you, that too a being a beautiful girl, but something stopped me in initiating that conversation, hence I waited for her to start, after 10 minutes there was an announcement from the captain saying, there are 32 flights waiting in the runway for take off as the visibility is very low and hence there will be a delay of 60 minutes minimum, anyways I was happy that I could spend 15 hours with that beautiful girl. She took out a notebook from her small bag and a pack of crayons with all different colors and then looked at me with a smile and asked me "Do you know how to draw a cat? I know, you see how I draw", I was more than happy to see that 4 year old angel drawing with her tiny little hands. :-)

Since she has already initiated the conversation, then it was my turn to prove my skills, I took her notebook and drew a dog, a cow and a sheep, she was simply excited and in her world I am her "Ravivarma", she happily showed that to her mom and she asked me to draw a dinosaur this time, which I have no clue of how to draw, I then tried my level best in running the "Jurassic Park" movie in my mind and then I did a pretty decent job in bringing the teeth of the dino, with some perfection, then her mom asked her to sleep and she immdly said ok and she laid her head on her mom's lap and her legs on mine, her mom told her not to do so, but she asked me directly if she can keep her legs on mine, for which I was more than happy to say a "yes".

She then woke up after 5 hours and then started our gala time, we both watched all the animation movies together and then she even shared some of her greatest secrets with me, i.e. once she was going to her school .... oops, since it’s a secret, I would let it remain that way, I don’t want to spill the beans here ;-). She then shared one of the ear bud of my i-Pod and started to listen some Tamil songs, though she does not know what it is all about, but she enjoyed, then we played a game called "Find my finger", she taught me the game, its very simple, she will close her right hand with her left hand and all you could see is the tip of all the fingers, she will then say "Index Finger" and you have to touch that, you get a point, if you say it wrong she gets a point. To be honest here, I lost to her by 8 to 10, she won the game. I am happy to lose that as well to that cute little angel.

Finally arrived Dubai, I was totally not in a mood to miss that angel, but I know that’s the end of our journey and I have to leave her with a kiss on her forehead and a "GBU" statement. I felt some kind of heaviness in my heart when I have to see her go off, but that's life, I know I am not going to meet her again in my life, similarly how many things we miss in life unknowingly ?. I was having a 14 hours transit in Dubai, hence Emirates gave me a 5 star hotel stay, and I went to that hotel and then went to bed immediately. I was dead tired.

I got up at around 5:30 Dubai time and then took a hot shower and reached the airport by 6:15. I purchased some G there and then did some more duty shopping. I took my 9:00 PM flight which got delayed by 30 mins. I reached Chennai around 3:00 in the morning and after clearing all the immigration, I came home by 4:30, from then to this time, I did not sleep as I need to overcome my jetlag. I distributed all the things I got from the US, had a good home made food, watched cricket by 8:30, I had my dinner and then started to write this blog. I would have had a successful US trip, but somehow my heart is failing to forget the cute little girl, I dunno what made me to think of her all the time, may be is this called "Love at First Sight ... ??"


  1. Ur cute little angel might read this....maybe years later :-)

  2. Oh Please, her fluency in english is much much better than mine. She uses words like "Fuzzy", "Chaos" and other words which I have not heard before :-)) all at the age of 4 ;-). If she knows my web adress, she will surely read this post now itself. :)


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