End of Meghadoot ...

Once there lived a rishi by name "Kalpatharu" who spent most of his life time in the forests of "Kundali", he by the grace of GOD got all the divine powers that is needed to protect this world from the asuras. He lived in the forest with his wife "Pundari" and his daughter "Samiksha". His daughter is very famous in that forest for her looks, as she is the most beautiful girl in that locality. Samiksha is a very obedient girl who will not do anything against her dad and mom's wish. Kalpatharu wanted to her to marry a person who is also a rishi and who follows the rules of "Pradhyushta" meticulously. The head of the asuras "Meghadoota" was madly in love on Samiksha and he somehow wanted to abduct her from the forest and bring her to the hell...

Rishi "Parjothyama" had a son by name "Veeramithra" who is one eligible bachelor who have all the qualities to marry Samiksha, even Kalpatharu wanted to give Samiksha to Veeramithra. The problem is Veeramithra had a curse which would accompany him throughout this life. The curse is something like this; he will go blind after sunset and will get back his vision only the next day morning. Kalpatharu came to know about this curse and he suggested that if they do a "Nethra Kaama Yagyna" he will get back his vision, but the problem in conducting that yagyna is they have to sacrifice the eyes of a young girl into the fire. Veeramithra got this curse when he accidently threw a stone on a rishi who was doing hi tapas with his eyes closed, since he was disturbed form his tapas, he cursed Veeramithra to go blind after sunset.

Both Kalpatharu and Prajothyama agreed to get their daughter and son married and Samiksha will be offering her eyes to the fire so that Veeramithra will get his sight back, but the beauty of that yagyna is, the eyes that were thrown into the fire will also be given back once Veeramithra gets his vision. All the rishi's in that forest worked together to arrange for this maha yagyna, which is performed on the name of lord Shiva, who is believed to give sight to the blind with the help of his third eye. They all chose a location which is not easily to be traced by the asura's so that they will not come and spoil their yagyna. This news somehow leaked to the head of the asura's "Meghadoot" and he became furious. He wanted to abduct Samiksha and bring her to his place.

All the asura's decided to find the location where the yagyna is going to happen so 100s of asura's roamed in the forest and they decided to torture all the other rishis so that they will leak the secret location of where the yagyna is going to happen, so they gave all sorts of trouble to the rishis, but they could not find the location where the yagyna is going to happen. Meghadoot decided to take the matter in his own hands and decided to mingle with the rishi's in disguise. He then took the look of a young girl and somehow befriended Samiksha and even managed to stay at her place. Rishi Kalpatharu has drawn a magical line in front of the room where Samiksha stays and hence no evil powers can cross that line. The asura in disguise came to know that and made sure that he is not crossing that line.

One fine day Veeramithra came to rishi Kalpatharu's hut and expressed his desire to meet Samiksha and then take her for a ride in his horse, since rishi had his own fears of their safety and security, he gave Veeramithra a stick, which he have to use in case of any evil that attacks them. The asura who is in the disguise of a girl volunteered to go with them for security, so that she can alert rishi Kalpatharu in case of any danger, rishi who does not know that she is no one other than the asura Meghadoot, he allowed her to go with them in a different horse. Meghadoot smiled to himself thinking that his plan has worked out, but at the same time he does not know what the stick would do, and hence he decided to get that stick from Veeramithra and then keep it with him.

All three of them were riding inside the jungle and beyond a point, asura Meghadoot asked Veeramithra to give the stick to her, so that he and Samiksha can spend some time together somewhere in the forest and she will wait here itself, unknowing the dangers of handing over the magic stick to her, Veeramithra gave that magic stick to that asura, moment he gave that stick, that young girl turned back into an asura and then grabbed Samiksha from veeramithra and then vanished from that place, even the horses were gone and Veeramithra does not know where he is, adding on to this tension, the sun started to set and Veeramithra was losing his eye sight. Samiksha was taken to that asura's palace and was jailed. Asura decided to enjoy her that night.

Rishi Kalpatharu was worried that the couple did not return until dawn and hence he visualized what would have happened in his "Gynadrishti", he came to know that, asura Meghadoot was the one who was in disguise at his place as a maid and he has taken Samiksha to his palace and jailed her. He alerted all the rishis and they wanted to rescue Samiksha before mid-night. Meghadoot will get extraordinary powers during the night and it will be very difficult to win him at that time, so they all ran towards lord Shiva and started to pray for his blessings. Lord Shiva decided to come to their rescue and he took disguise of a beautiful girl, who is much beautiful than Samiksha and he reached the palace of asura Meghadoot.

Meghadoot was getting ready for his night with Samiksha and at that time one of his servants came to him and said that there is one beautiful girl who wanted to meet him. Asura not knowing the plan of lord Shiva, asked her to come in, moment he saw her, he lost all his love towards Samiksha and he fell in love with that beautiful girl. He was more like a string doll and was obeying to all her commands. They both danced together and they danced for almost the whole night, the asura went tired and he could not compete with lord Shiva, at one stage he fell down and fall asleep. Lord Shiva then took control of Samiksha and then brought her back to "Kundali" forest, in the meantime Veeramithra got his sight back and traced his way back home and narrated the whole sequence of events, he was happy to see Samiksha there. Rishi's thank lord Shiva for rescuing them from that asura.

Asura Meghadoot got wild because of this and he was fuming with anger on Lord Shiva and the rishi's who cheated him. He then sent fiery dragons to "Kundali" forest and then destroyed all the trees so that he can spoil the yagyna performed by Kalpatharu. The entire forest was set on fire and all the rishi's once again pleaded Shiva's request, he granted Veeramithra the power to destroy Meghadoot and gave him the "Brahmastaram". Veeramithra went inside the forest in search of Meghadoot, somehow knowing this plan, Meghadoot disguised himself as "Samiksha" and decided to confuse him. Both Veeramithra and the asura "Samiksha" met in the forest and as expected Veeramithra was shocked to see Samiksha there, he asked her to go back to the hut and he is on a mission to kill the asura Meghadoot, also he told her that lord Shiva has given him the "Brahmastram" to kill Meghadoot.

Asura got wild on hearing that and he forgot the fact that he is in disguise of Samiksha and he screamed in a very rough voice and took a wow that he will kill lord Shiva, Veeramithra reacted to the situation well and then he immediately took his bow and shot the "Brahmastram" on Meghadoot and their goes that asura's head into 1000 pieces and he was eaten by fire there itself. The rishi's carried on with their yagyna and then sacrificed Samiksha's eyes and restored vision for both Veeramithra and Samiksha. 

All of a sudden Veeramithra started to cry and on seeing that Meghadoot started to cry and on seeing that rishi Kalpatharu and his daughter Samiksha started to cry all the other asura's started to cry and there was crying all over the place, then the lights started to dim and there was a big round of laughter and nonstop applause for those LKG kids who enacted this play, Veeramithra who was constantly bothered by that bow and arrow lost his pants and gave a nude pose to all the audience and the laughter inside the hall never settled down.


  1. hehehehe hey this was funny!!!!!

    u r an avid blogger i shd say.. nearly a post per day! :)
    keep it up... i enjoy the reads

  2. And you know what ? you are the only one who is writing a comment and the rest of the readers are silent readers :(. Good to get such motivation from one of the fellow bloggers who I admire a lot :) Thanks.


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