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Kavya could not control her laughter on seeing Varun in that traditional "Panchakacham" and similarly Varun could not control his laughter on seeing Kavya in that "Madisaar", it was the occasion of their new born baptism ceremony, this occasion is doubly special because this is the first time parents from both the sides are meeting together and accepting their marriage after spelling silence for almost 2 years. Kavya and Varun had a very long debate on what to name their kid, and they both were very conscious on the fact that they are not going to name him in any relevance to his or her parents / ancestor's name ...

After fighting for supremacy, finally Kavya's suggesting was taken into consideration and they named their new born baby boy as "Abhay", though it’s a typical south indian tamil name, Kavya insisted to christen her son on this name. Abhay was the center of attraction that day and both the families moved with each other without any emotional differences, Kavya and Varun thought that their son has not only brought them immense joy, but also he made both the families unite. Kavya holding Abhay on her hands tilted her head on Varun's shoulder with a stream of tears following out of her eyes. Both of them were rejoicing this great moment. Varun who always used to crib to go to work, now felt that there is a need for him to work and he needs to support his son as long as he grows up and be on his own.

Kavya and Varun started to live for Abhay and it was fun watching him grow. Varun knocked down all his onsite offers just because he wants his son to grow in Indian soil, he wanted his son to be brought up with a traditional Indian culture, and he had his own plans of bringing up his son and projects him to this society as a well mannered and a disciplined boy. Kavya on the other hand wanted Abhay to become a sports person, so she planned to encourage his sporting desire. Abhay was never pampered even at his young age, both Kavya and Varun made sure that he is not going to achieve anything just by crying, so they have injected this thought on to his mind very early in his life, Abhay knows that he will not get what he wants if he is going to cry even for days together.

Abhay was the apple to their eyes and they did each and every thing for his needs, Kavya purchased a handy cam just to record all his funny actions, she too maintained a diary which recorded all his events such as "His first word", "His first date of crawl", "His first date of walk" and that list of "first's" continued. Varun made sure that he spends quality time with his son, and he wanted to break the jinx of working couple cannot take care of their kids. He used to play with him and at the same time he would educate him the way he wanted to be in life as a person, he taught him of how to be nice to others, how he should help the people in need, Kavya was proud of her husband and the way he teaches Abhay the essentials of life. Days rolled on, and Abhay was growing big.

Abhay's horoscope was vetted with one of the leading astrologers of the city, and he was all praises for his horoscope and told Kavya and Varun that Abhay is going to be very successful in his career and personal life, he will be a very sincere and a committed person and he is the one who is going to take care of them throughout their life. Kavya and Varun were so happy about the astrologer's predictions and were hoping that all he said would come true. Abhay too grew up the way both of them wanted to, he was very good at his studies, he was very obedient to elders, and in fact he was cited as the example of a good boy in their neighborhood and that made Kavya and Varun proud of their only son.

Abhay was very good at playing cricket and he got ample support from his mom Kavya to carry on with that and take that up as his career, but Varun was not so keen in his son taking up Cricket as his profession to win him bread, Abhay was also very good at computers and hence he chose to do his masters in Computers, so he has to go to the US and do his higher education, though Kavya and Varun were in no mood to let their son go away from them, but being broad minded parents, they allowed him to go and do his studies abroad. Years rolled on and Abhay came back to India after successfully completing his masters degree, but this time he came along with a girl who he claimed to be his wife, that came as a rude shock to Kavya and Varun, but Abhay somewhat convinced them by saying that he cannot live without her, since Kavya and Varun too had a love marriage, they just could not say a NO to this, one good thing is, their daughter-in-law is from an Indian origin.

Kavya and Varun thought that Abhay will be finding a job here in India and settle with them, but Abhay informed them that he has come on 15 days vacation and has to rush back to the US to join duty, Varun was not at all happy with that decision and hence he expressed his concern to Abhay, but Abhay comforted them by saying that he will take care of them and asked them not to worry. 15 days went in a flash, and Abhay was busy in hosting parties for his friends and he spent very little time with his parents. Abhay was all set to leave India and as he is a grown up boy now, Kavya and Varun have no say in his decisions, Abhay caught hold of his parents hand for one last time and then said, "Please take care, and I will be sending you the money every month without fail", he then took hold of his wife's hand and then hurried himself into the car.

Kavya and Varun were waving hands at the car till it disappeared in the dark. Kavya tapped Varun's shoulder and showed him the board below which they were standing, it read "Abhayam Old Age Home", still the prediction of that astrologer holds good said Varun, its "Abhay (am) who is going to take care of us till we die", both of them tried hard to control their tears.


  1. Good one mate....keep going.

  2. Good one... especially the last liner...... Abhay (am)... and the astrologer thing....

    Hope we do not do that to our parents and inlaws.....

  3. Very touching - Abhay(am)
    Excellent - keep going


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