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Confession ...

Its the final day of their college and there were mixed reactions amongst the students, to me that's the day we will be metamorphosing by breaking the coccon and come out as a butterfly. Too many hooks hanging over our head about our future, and will feel as if we are the only person stuck in a big desert and not knowing which direction to head. Also this day will be the day where many stories reach its climax, many untold love will be disclosed, many confessions, many revenges, many forgiving's, many hugs, many kisses, and many tears too ...

Varun was not feeling ok right from the morning, he felt as if he swallowed a golf ball and that got stuck inside his throat, he picked up a very ordinary dressing and stuck a somber mask to his face and left for the college. Kavya on the other hand was equaly misserable and was keeping quite right from the morning and the usual hug to her mom daily in the morning was missing that day which was obviously notice by her mom. She too dressed in her not so best costume left to college. There was a very big crowd all around the campus, all the final year sutdents of all groups were busy chatting with their friends, some were puling the legs of a physics department guy with a maths department girl.

He was not sure of whether to disclose his love to her or not, he had his own fears of she dis-owning him, he thought that this confession might break their friendship. She on the other hand was in a similar mind set and was pretty convinced in not to disclose her feelings. They were all assembled at the auditorium where the prinicpal will be addressing them in any moment. He sat next to She and was happy to enjoy that brief moment of togetherness. Both of them were waiting for one of them to start the conversation but none volunteered till the end of the function.

He has had enough of that silence and hence decided to break that, so he called her to their usual meeting place, which is just under a baniyan tree which was standing still for many many years and which has wittnessed many many couples like them, it has seen their joy, romance, silence, agony, hatred, tears, seperation etc. He was about to confess the stuff he had in his mind for the past 3 years and as a coincidence, both started to talk at the same time, "Hey I wanted to tell you …." This brought a smile on their faces and he said, "Ladies first", she said, "No, you first", he not too interested in this game of "who to start first" said, lets both say it at the same time, so they agreed upon that and at the count of 3 they both confessed to each other.

Varun said - "I am in love with 3rd year B.Sc student Shanthi" and
Kavya said - "I am in love with 3rd year B.Com student Mahesh"


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After a long struggle, i somehow managed to collect 800+ songs of SPB, which to me are the GOLDEN SONGS sung by that GOLDEN VOICE. Here is my complete songs collection. My target is to get 1000 songs of SPB (Tamil Songs). S.NO Name Artist Album 1 Unna Vellaavi Vechu Thaan GV Prakash Aadukalam 2 Ayyayo Nenju Alayudhadi SPB - S P Charan Aadukalam 3 Ottha Sollaala Velmurugan Aadukalam 4 Yetthi Vecha Nerupinile SPB - Chitra Aalapirandhavan 5 Ponnai Virumbum Boomiyile TMS Aalaya Mani 6 Oru Kili Urugudhu Janaki Aanandha Kummi 7 Oomai Nenjin Osaigal SPB - S Janaki Aanandha Kummi 8 Oru Raagam Paadalodu KJY - Chitra Aanandha Raagam 9 Mere Sappunoun Ki Rafiq Aaraadhana 10 Oru Kunguma Chengamalam SPB - S Janaki Aaraadhanai 11 En Kannukoru Nilavaa SPB - JANAKI Aaraaro Aariraro 12 Kanmaniyae Kaadhal Enbadhu SPB - S JANAKI Aaril Irrundhu Arubathu Varai 13 Meenammaa Adhi Kaalaiyilum Unni Krishnan - Shobana Aasai 14

Madras Tamil in IT Industry

Ah, thot of writing a new series called PITHUKULI, and i hope you all will enjoy this series. Here is my first try and please let me know your sincere comments. We all know that IT industry is a place for all educated people and english is considered to be the global language in this industry. Me hailing from the heart of chennai, i would love to see "Chennai Thamizh" being spoken at all s.w companies, so here is a small conversation between a Programmer and his Project Manager, in pure "Chennai Sen Thamizh". The situation is this ... Its appraisal time and Project manager is doing appraisal for his team member. ahhhh ... vaa kannu ... suresuu ... eppdi keera ? sokaa keerayaa ?? inaathuku unna itukunu vandhurukaango nu unikku message teriyumla ?? aahaann ... inaamo ... aapuraisalaa ... keepuraisalo ... ennamo oru ezhavu ... atha pathi kostin panna thaanae ittnadhukara ... kareeektaa putcha baa maatera nee ... seri ... nee immaa naalu inga kundhikinu inaatha kilicha