I am by default is a good obeserver, i watch all the incidents that happen around me with some amount of humour quoted over it. I used to think this way "If this would have happened like this", i wont say this "creative", so, that's why i labeled this coulmn as "pithukuli". I went to a hotel last week and this is what has happened in real, and "pithukuli" thinks that it would have been nice if it happened the other way ...

Real Incident:
A customer came into the hotel and he ordered for a HOT cup of coffee, and the server very prompty gave him a HOT cup of fuming coffee, immediately the customer notices a "fly" thats floating dead on his coffee and started to demand the server for a reason, the scene went out of control and the manager was called in immedieately, he too had a look at that dead "fly" and gave a big dose to the server for his carelessness, and the server too appologised for making such a mistake, then he brought a new HOT cup of coffee and there ends the real scene.

Well, this is what "pithukuli" thinks ...

Customer: Server, soodaa oru cup coffee kondu vaa pa ...
Server brings a hot fuming cup of coffee
Customer: Yov, enna yaa idhu ? coffee la E sethu kedaku ?
Server too had a look at the dead "E"
Server: Aaamaam, E sethu kedaku ? adhuku enna ippo ?
Customer: Enna nakkalaa ? E setha coffee ya evan yaa kudipaan ? Koopudu yaa un manager a ...
Manager: Sir, enna sir ? enna problem ?
Customer: Yov, enna hotel yaa nadathareenga ? soodaa coffee ketaen, paarthaa coffee la E sethu kedaku ?
Manager: Sorry sir, eadho teriyaama nadandhu poachu ... "Dei mundam, enna da coffee la E sethu kedaku ? paarthu eduthutu vara maatiyaa ?
Server: Ada po sir, coffee la E sethu ponaa naa enna pannaradhu ?
Customer: Paartheenga laa enna thimiraa pesaraan avan ?
Manager: Dei, unna yaar daa E setha coffee ya kondu vara sonnadhu ? Sir eppadi daa kudipaaru ?

For that the server cooly replied ...

Server: Ada ponga sir, ivaruku coffee yum soodaa venum ? E yum saaga koodaadhu naa eppadi ??
Manager / Customer: $#@%#$#$%@^#$%^#$^@#


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