Nila Raseegan - A living Legend

I dont know how many of you know about this poetic genius, i dont know his real name, but his screen name is "Nilaa Raseegan". I dont dare to say that he is a living "Kannadasan", i was literally pulled into his poems and if i want to rate them all, i would rather say i dont have words in ENGLISH to explain his creativity. I am following all his poems right from 1998 and he has this variety in all his poems and hence making readers like us say "Hip Hip Hurrayyyy". He writes about love, baby, mother, father, child, wide, lover, nature, oh man ... that list is soooo big. I am so fortunate to catch his personal blog today and hence thought of sharing that with you all.

Please visit Nila Raseegan to taste all the honey drops he has stored for us and to taste a drop of honey from his ocean of poems, have a look at this "அம்மாவுக்கும்,அப்பாவுக்கும்...." this one, not only touched my heart, but also taught me a BIG lesson of how to be a good parent once i get married.


  1. s...sathis sir ye r ryte...I read al his poems...really he s a "LEGENDRY HERO"!!!!!He s gifted 2 us......

  2. :-)

    I missed to read this post for such a long days...


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