Divide and Rule ...

Before getting independence the britishers were adapting this "Divide and Rule" technique to rule INDIA and every Indian opposed that and our ancestors fought hard to get us this so called independence just to hand out INDIA to a set of rotten politicians who are ruling this precious country just by mafia power. We are the fuckers to be blamed for all these mess INDIA is facing now, we are not sensible enough in choosing the right leaders and we are all becoming so selfish and we are more than happy that the mess is not entering our houses, and we care a damn for anything that can happen to our neighbor. Saving money in the bank and giving it for our next generation is next to useless, we should give our next generation a very peaceful and a happy place to live, clean air to breath and sufficient water for them to survive, money cannot buy any of the above said things ...

What the politicians are now doing is the same what the British people did for us, but again let’s not forget the so many good things that the britishers have given INDIA, right from the railway lines that run from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to some wonderful buildings and marvelous structures that still stands tall without even a single crack and acting as major tourist attractions in many cities. If we have to touch our heart and say what we have gained new after independence, all we will have would be a handful of reasons, that’s it. We INDIANs have lost the battle not to anyone but to the very own people we chose and asked them to lead us. Look at the educational status of our current politicians, how many graduates would be there in today's parliament ? 20 in total ?? I would be surprised if it is more than that. During the days of Rajaji or Kamaraj or Nehru or Indira Gandhi, citizens used to have respect amongst the politicians and today we have aversion and fear.

Many of you folks would have travelled the length and breadth of the globe, touch your heart and tell me, where INDIA stands today in terms of infrastructure, amenities, education etc etc, we would probably be the best amongst the African countries, but do you guys know that the rich heritage and resources our country has today ? And all those are fading away beyond recognition, just because we don’t have the spine to ask questions against the politician who we elected and asked him or her to take the oath, why this damn fear ? In my area we did not have roads for almost 5 years and no government cared about us, then came a MLA who pretended as if he would do wonders, and me being me, did not even believe his words even a bit, and when our association meeting took place, that MLA visited my apartment, he behaved as if he is next to GOD, and every other educated citizen who was sitting next to me did not have the guts to demand a reason for the roads being bad.

I am not a super hero like Rajinikanth or Kamalhassan to beat all the gundas in one shot, I am a normal average citizen, I just filled a RTI against his administration and demanded for the expense against the fund that has been allocated for road repairs, Oh yaa, today all those Santro's, City's, Passat's and Ford's are running on a tarred road. If we continue these bloody politicians to do whatever they want, I am sure INDIA is heading towards being another Namibia or Zimbabwe. If every cult or group can disrupt normal life by violence and then demand a separate state, I am sure our next generation will be having a very tough time in remembering the capitals of all the 100 states in INDIA. Guys lets be very sensible while casting our votes, don’t get frustrated or irritated that you have to stand in a long queue and don’t ever think of missing your vote, please do vote sensibly for our next generation to have a peaceful country to live.

I am totally against the government agreeing to split Telengana as a separate state, and this practice would follow in other regions as well and INDIA would be looked upon with shame by other countries, already we our politicians are being looked upon like a bunch of jokers in the international arena, and let’s not make it more obvious. Question everything and anything you feel as against the law, say no to bribes. There is no bigger shame in life other than being an outsider in our own country. We are the force and power who can change this country for betterment, all I have is another 30 odd years to live (I am 32 now) and I would want to see a better country in another 10 years at least, and it cannot happen until we all form a group and fight against politicians. It’s our country and let’s save it from these rotten rats.


  1. There is a politician hiding among every one of India's educated upper middle class. That mentality has to go out first.

  2. I agree that we have not gained much after Independence, but there is no use just blaming the current politicians. Right now, whomever you choose, its the same thing, everyone jostling only for power and no 1 person clearly stand out whom we can say, if we vote for him, he will do good for the country. All the educated people, as you said, only want to make money. Instead, educated people should be thinking of getting into politics. How many of us do that? And even if 1 person thinks about it, he is dissuaded by the sheer force of the existing major players. While things like saying no to bribes is a good thing (even i do so), these are small steps when adopted by individuals in pockets, what we need is a large movement to break the jinx.

  3. //we would probably be the best amongst the African countries//....Bitter Reality.....Well Said.

    Did you file RTI?? Amazing. Do let us know the outcome too....And, as a responsible citizen you are much more than the movie stars, who fight fake battles!!!!!!!

  4. I agree with you on the AP issue. It's so strange at one hand we boast of being a knowlege/Tech Power and other, we do things which has no logic.

    Wwhat is the rationale for the split? Is it one man's fast....Worse the Govt announced the split & let it OPEN at it...What happens to Hyd?

    It's such a chaos.

    Appreciate your BOLD views:-).


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