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I don't know why each and every person in this world is so concerned about the private life of an individual, and that too when it comes to celebrities, it is even worse. Before we commenting on someone's personal life, let us put ourselves in their shoes and then say that comment, privacy is something every human being has as his or her birth right. The latest developments on the Tiger Woods case is actually disgusting, why targeting an individual just because he is a celebrity? We all admire and like that genius of a person as a golfer and our boundaries stop there, we have no right to poke our nose to know what Tiger Woods is doing beyond the golf course or what he would be doing after playing golf, it is all up to him and he has all rights to do whatever he wants to do ...

The US television channels are no worse than our INDIAN television channels, every channel is trying to make fun of Tiger Woods and building comedy skits on him and working hard to increase their TRP ratings. Tiger Woods is a legacy in the sport of GOLF, every golfer who is now minting money in millions should be thankful to Tiger Woods for the fact that he has raised that game way beyond anybody's expectations or imagination. The most saddening part is, most of the sponsors of Tiger Woods have now withdrawn his contract just because he has a troubled personal life and I am sure they wouldn't have put the contract based on that, the contract would have been established based on the skill and the popularity he has in the sporting arena. Tiger Woods being a very humble person, he even came out to the public and confessed the fact that he has a troubled personal life, how many of us even have that guts tell me ? Is this the price Tiger Woods have to pay for his transparency ?

Whatever Tiger Woods now does is news and the news channels are preying on that and making his life even more miserable. The most shocking thing is, most of his fellow golfers are now talking non-sense on Tiger Woods, and the beauty is, that fellow golfer would have first touched the rod by seeing the video clipping of Tiger Woods. Let us leave him alone, and lets us not speculate or talk anything about his private life, we all like him for the way he plays GOLF and lets continue doing that, I am sure Tiger Woods would come out of all these shackles and then win this year’s PGA and come out as a true winner. The world still loves Tiger Woods for the spectacular technique he has in his game and let’s not forget the fact that he is more than a genius in that tough sport. This Tiger would not hide behind the Woods for a long time.


  1. Yaa. Rightly said. Every person is entitled to his own privacy and media has no business in poking their nose.

  2. I somehow beg to differ.. i feel the character of a person makes the person.. be he a celeb or normal person, once character is lost everything is lost..
    i used to admire Aamir Khan as an actor.. but when he left his wife of 10 years for another affair, that said a lot about the kind of person he was.. and he fell from grace..
    Even if u r not super successful but are a good person, it s a big deal than being a celeb and selling ur morality and values for pennies.... I think its good that people have not become so "performance oriented" that they completely negate the human and value system.

  3. I have a different opinion as well. As Amrita said, character is important. You cant admire a person if he's bad in character. However, there is this fact that media is crazy and twist things to their advantage to capture public attention and increase their TRP ratings and the public saps it all. What the public doesn't do is use their judgement and know that everything the tabloids publish may not be true.
    And,from the celebrity's side, thats the downfall of being a celeb. If you are ready to lap it up when the going is good, then this has got to be faced too.


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