Our Country's Devils ...

This article is mainly targeted a particular person and a particular community of this county and I am not afraid to put my views blunt on this post. I am an equally responsible citizen of this country and I will be happy if my post changes the mind of few responsible citizens like me and that would do for me...

Varun Gandhi:

If there could be one shameless soul that still exists in Gandhi's family it would be Varun Gandhi. He is one idiotic politician India has ever seen, yeah I could hear a chorus screaming "All politicians in India are idiots", but this guy is a distilled idiot. Look at his face ? He looks like a white rat living inside drainage for years. Entire nation knows the venom he spewed over the harmony of this scared country, that fcuker tried to divide the citizens of this country in the name of religion which is such a damaging thing to our country. I was fuming when the politicians claimed that video of Varun to have been doctored, but luckily the court ruled that out and proved that it was the speech of that living devil. The one and only reason for BJP to lose this election miserably was only because of that devil's speech.

This same Varun Gandhi performed pooja's during the election time claiming that he is cleansing his soul as he happened to touch people who are not Hindu’s during the election rally. Media for a change did a very god cover-up in this case and they did not speculate further. What an atrocious act was that ? What the hell he thinks about the people of India ? He is a poisonous snake and he needs to be eradicated and that is what the don from Mumbai is planning to do and now that drainage rat is shitting bricks. That fcuker is crying in front of the media, he is trying to hide himself behind his mom's saree, and her mom is appealing to the government to save him. WTF ? Let him face the music, he is a person who deserves corporal punishment and if GOD willing to give that, we are happy.

Kannada Rakshana Vedhike:

I am not sure how many people are aware of this jerk of a society which claims to protect the language Kannada and the values of Karnataka and stuffs like that. They are one more Thackeray’s who dawn the saffron and do rowdiyism. Yesterday they have attacked all the north Indians in Mysore and Bangalore and stopped them from writing their exams, and the reason for that is to protest the judgment given by the Supreme Court saying "Kannada" cannot be the 1st language in schools and that has to be an option for the students to choose and that cannot be FORCED. Well, makes sense rite ? All the bus numbers, road signs and every damn thing is in kannada and makes the life of an outsider like me HELL. This set of people from the Kannada Rakshana Vedike are shameless, brainless, senseless, restless, useless fcuking people, they are as dangerous as a Lakshar-e-Taiba, Al-Quaida or the other so called terrorist organizations.

This group has to be completely eliminated from this state and they all should be hanged to death. They are spoiling the peace of this state and they are making themselves as fools and jokers by doing all these stupid acts. Shutting down theaters which screen Tamil movies, Burning effigy of people who do good to this nation and stuffs like that, if you look at them, all resemble monkeys and insane people, and I am surprised why the judicial system is not bringing any stringent laws to curtail such anti-social elements who corrupt our nation and spoil the peace. This is why we need YOUTH to come into power to save this corroding country. I wish I make up my mind one day and jump into this nasty drainage and clean as much as I can.

The views presented in this post are purely mine and if it would have hurt the sentiments of a particular community or a caste or a religion, I CARE A DAMN.


  1. Hmm I agree with what you have written but I would suggest stop feeling you are an "outsider" in bangalore. Come on that way you are also nurturing the us vs. them feeling right? try to get rid of that, i know its difficult but worth a try :)


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