Gay Ho!! Gay Ho!!

This is such a sensitive topic to debate but blogs are there to express your views in the way we want rite ? So here is my view on this latest talk of the country "Homosexuality is not a Crime". To be frank, I too never termed that under the category "Crime", I was putting it under the category "Shame". India being a country with true values mixed with tradition and culture, homosexuality is not acceptable, why do you think the British laid this rule in our country 149 years back when they ruled INDIA ? They valued our culture and our style of living ? In their country they do not have a chance to correct that shame as the new term "gay" was already in practice in their country ages ago...

I again don’t pin this sect of people who claim to have physical pleasures with the same sex, though it is one of the primary motives. So what charm they get when they claim themselves as GAY ? That too in a society where majority of folks are still wanting to maintain a distance with a gay. I was actually shocked to see the visuals which were flashed on the news channels when this verdict was given, there were smooching, hugging, kissing between the people of same sex. There is always a subtle difference between being "broad-minded" and being "cautious". Being broad-minded does not mean that I can walk on the roads nude and claim, that's the way we all were born and what is the problem if I shed my clothes now ? That is stupidity. If you notice the number of people who took on to the streets for a rally to support homosexuality, the count is not even in 100s, and I just don’t know what point they have proved to the society by winning this verdict.

One gay is telling that it is his personal victory against his own family and he is happy now, WTF ? Family is much more important that anything in this world, for whom we earn for whom we work for whom we slog ? It’s all for our family rite ? What is the use of you winning something against your family ? Today you may be hale and healthy to give an interview on news channels, as you grow old, neither his gay partners nor his family is going to come and support him, being all alone at your old age is actually the best punishment GOD can give to anyone. There was this news on one of the newspapers, a dad was shocked to see his daughter in the rally and he got a heart attack and he collapsed. Is fighting for your GAY rights more valuable than your dad ? We as a country are valued just for our traditions, culture and the humanity we Indians have on others, if these values were to be lost, take it from me, INDIA has nothing great to boast off

It is not that homosexuality is legal now in our country and people can do their acts in public, a shame is always a shame, and still they are going to be looked as a creature in this society who everyone wanted to maintain a distance from them. This verdict passed by the high court and their victory celebrations are more like peeing against the wind. I would not move with a person if I come to know he or she is a GAY, that is strictly against my values and sentiments.

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  1. I have nothing against gay people, their orientation is different, so be it.. i dont question that.. maybe you should see the movie philadelphia to maybe neutralize your stand a bit ... and i dont think english passed the rule with any consideration for "indias" culture. They knew the only way to win india would be to uproot its culture and not protect it.. they passed this law because Victorian england held same sex relationships as a taboo, hence india being ruled by them also got the same law....

    Fine, its legal now and Gay people wont be harassed unnecessarily. What irks me is, if something is so imp for you and its a matter of ur identity and ur belief, you wud nt make such a public farce and show of it. Rather you would just walk off with your head held high. What they are doing by breaking into that song and dance routine is making a mockery of Gay people. As such the general public does nt have much acceptance for them, and making such scenes, they will enforce the image, thats it, now they will go about making such hangama every where. This is totally uncalled for. Its like if an accident victim wins a legal battle, he does nt dance on the streets.. he takes a step back and enjoys his victory. Similarly, it would be more dignified to take a silent stand rather than break into raunchy dances :(

    I m tempted to write a post on this.

  2. Frankly we have so many other things in life to worry about than these silly media bloated stories. Although its individual's personal choice @least to me is totally waste of time even discussing this.


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