Happy Birthday ... To my Blog ...

Ah, My blog is 4 years old now, so its been 4 long years of blabbering, oops!!! Blogging. I should admit the fact that I was active in blogging only since 2007, so effectively its 2 years and in the whole its 4 years. I started blogging to improve my english vocab as well as grammer, but nothing seem to have improved, I am still a novice blogger when compared to some of my fav bloggers like Amrita, Coffee & Stories, Deepa, Shylu, Sandhya, Prabhu, Venky etc etc. I know I have a lots of space to improve in my writing as well as thinking capabilities, I too hope that a day will come where my blog too would hit 100s of visits a day.

I thank all my friends and fellow blog readers for giving me their sincere comments and encouragement to make me write more and better. I would try my level best to live up to your expectations. So please do continue your comments flowing in and as always, that will be taken in true sprit of blogging. :)


  1. Wow!!!!
    4 years of blogging....Good job satish!!! Keep going. :-)

  2. Congratulations!!!!...and Celebrations!!! :)

  3. I've been watching the space for quite sometime and I've to say that your writing skills is too good.. I'm not kidding ;)

    BTW concentrate on spelling mistakes. For instance its not "Grammer" but Grammar :)

    Naveen. V

  4. All the Best Satish - Keep going!

  5. Happy birthday iyerpaiyan.com

  6. Congratulations...

    //Ah, My blog is 4 years old now, so its been 4 long years of blabbering, oops!!!Blogging.//

    But u do it very well... No offence intended.
    All the best.....


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